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Is this a good place to write something about our Pearl Jam journey? My husband and I are 68 and 67 years old, respectively. We actually became Pearl Jam fans tangentally.
Back in 2007 we saw the movie, "Once" with Glen Hansard and Margeta Irglova and ran right to the store and bought all The Frames CDs we could get our hands on. We saw the Swell Season on Thanksgiving Eve of 2007 in Boston. So...we were hooked on Glen Hansard.

Several years later Glen Hansard was opening for Eddie Vedder in Providence, RI (I believe it was 2011). We always liked Eddie Vedder so we bought tickets for the show thinking Eddie Vedder was an added bonus to seeing Glen. Well....that all changed that night. Eddie's solo show was astonishing and...we were hooked. Several months after that I asked my husband if he wanted to see his solo show again and he said, "Sure. Where is he playing," and I said, "Phoenix." So we flew to Phoenix to see the show again! I spoke with a photographer about the show and he said, "if you like his solo show you have to see Pearl Jam."

So we went to see Pearl Jam in Montreal. Then we saw them in Worcester, MA. Most recently we saw Pearl Jam in Quebec City. We are both retired now and have a dog walking and pet sitting business for extra cash. We moved from Massachusetts to Maine in 2015 and there's only one thing on our bucket list. We would give ANYTHING to meet the band...just once...just to shake their hands and to make them realize the scope of their impact on folks...young and old.

Is there any way you can pass our plea on to the band? It might sound crazy, but, they seem like the kind of guys that may consider our plea!!!

Thanks for much for indulging me.


  • hoshismamahoshismama MainePosts: 7
    We have tickets to see Pearl Jam again at Fenway Park on August!!! It would be the perfect opportunity to meet them!!!
  • NanouNanou Posts: 191
    I thought you were crazy old fans back from the Ten era. The way you got hooked to their music is interesting though. My parents are about your age and they don't understand the adrenaline when I'm planning on going to a concert. Enjoy the show and who knows... you might meet one of them.
  • InHiding80InHiding80 Upland,CAPosts: 7,623
    I'm 35 but it's nice to see some old enough to be my parents into them. PJ and many 90s bands were to me what your usual suspects of classic rock of 60s and 70s were to my parents and it's no surprise PJ were influenced by Zep, Who and Beatles. PJs influences got me into listening to older stuff later in years. I got into Neil Young 6 years ago and he's the one rock act my mom and I agree on the most.
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    That's a cool story!
    everybody wants the most they can possibly get
    for the least they could possibly do
  • vjincovjinco Posts: 3
    I would love to know if you got to meet them in Boston?
  • muskydanmuskydan Posts: 1,013
    Well I sure hope you get your wish sometime. I can tell you one thing, I sure would like to meet you guys....also, if you find your way to a Chicago show I will be able to send you in the right direction to meet one of them for sure.
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