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And now to thank you guys...

I thanked Pearl Jam already but now it is time thank the club and it's members and really, Pearl Jam fans in general.

I went to Ottawa and both Toronto shows for this 2016 tour. Haven't seen them since the London, Ontario show. After a couple days for me to calm down, get back to a bit of health and get my hearing back, I have been able to process this experience better.

I think I get it all now. You go thru life living your day to day, experiencing fun moments along the way and enjoy all it gives you...

Then you go to Pearl Jam, and if you have had any bumps along this journey we call life that might have thrown you off a bit, you are brought back to your true, good, happy self via this band and its community.

I feel after meeting all the good people, listening to Ed talk about life, listening to the best music ever and singing at the top of my lungs with what seriously felt like 20,000 friends, I am whole again and have shed any of the life-stuff that might have been dragging me down a bit.

Last two days I have been smiling, singing, dancing and just hugging my loved ones a little bit closer.

This is thanks to Pearl Jam AND the community we have that shares this passion together.

These shows were really special for me and this is coming from a guy who last time Pearl Jam was in Toronto, I saw them on the Sunday night with Uncle Neil at the end, then went home and my daughter was born the next day at 8:22 pm. I missed the Monday show of course but Ten Club allowed me to give my tickets to my very good friends after showing them I was in the birthing suite. Pearl Jam went on stage that day around the same day my daughter entered this world. My friends who went Monday got her a Pearl Jam onesie with the baby bottle.

That was a tough experience to top but this week made me feel similar to how I did on September 12, 2011 at 8:22 pm.

Thank you.


  • UndrakanUndrakan Donostia - San SebastianPosts: 112
    Beautiful. Thank you and PJ family!
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