I am going to the show tonight, and stuck at work listening to Binaural OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

Rival, Off The Girl, Parting Ways, Light Years... got it all on Tuesday... only thing that can top it is Uncle Neil or Vitalogy in full. I am a spoiled brat.


  • DeLukinDeLukin Posts: 2,714
    It'll be an awesome show if YOU make it an awesome show.
    I smile, but who am I kidding...
  • TorontonianTorontonian Posts: 497
    AND I can spell and weren't drinking BAR-CEL-O wine already... I think Of The Girl is much better than Off The Girl! You want ON THE GIRL!
  • TorontonianTorontonian Posts: 497
    I will be dancing like its May 11!
  • TorontonianTorontonian Posts: 497
    Why can't we edit posts in this forum? Who cares... just askin.
  • bdoyle13bdoyle13 Near TorontoPosts: 36
    Ha, awesome. After a few hours the wife made me change to Vs and then Ten... OTW to show tonight! Let's party
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