Lost NC show

I'm praying that Pearl Jam finds some way to make it up to their fans for cancelled show in Raleigh, NC. I'm a die-hard fan and have been ever since their start. Probably my all-time favorite band. Got to see a show back in maybe '97, but I haven't been able to since due to circumstances with work, money, and raising my family. Got the opportunity of a lifetime and scored GA floor tickets to the Raleigh show and it was scheduled just after my birthday .... the perfect gift, I was sooo over-the-top psyched about it !! Then it was cancelled, and so close to the actual date, that I had no backup plan. I understand the band's reasons for what they did, but to pull the rug out beneath so many loving fans ... it was gut-wrenching. Although some, probably lost their love and devotion because of this, I cannot dislike a band that I've grown up with and love so much. I just hope and pray that if they don't come back to NC soon, that maybe they can add another show at the tail end of this tour close enough to us, that it won't be difficult to make it if it's planned out ahead of time. Please come back, because I really need to get to a show !!!

Justin Hardesty


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    I'm keeping my fingers crossed
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