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Albuquerque to Chicago***

pjnm13pjnm13 Albuquerque NMPosts: 8
Hi my name is Mario Ruiz and I haven't seen PJ since 2000 and the last time Ed was in Abq the show was cancelled and later rescheduled for election night and being that I'm a elections director for NM elections and tribal governments all over the country I had to miss it :(.
Well I have had to turn to music to get me through some shit the past 4 years (divorce (ugly) losing my kids to divorce etc) my options are endless when trying to deal with this and most of those are harmful options, so I chose to turn to music of all types but PJ has always been in my fibers and now more than ever I am still here and alive and listening because of the words and feelings shared by this band.
Thank you Mike,Ed,stone,Matt,Jeff,boom
Things are good now
I would love to hear "indifference" or "Release" and if u do a cover "love ain't for keeping" or "I'm one" The Who
See ya in Chicago


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