May 2, NYC Concert

Don't know where to begin! Last time I wrote a fan letter was to President Carter when I was in the third grade! Just want to express my gratitude to PJ, they have literally saved me throughout the past years. Especially the past year and a half, my family has had to adjust to life without two very special people. My father in law last year and my 34 yr old nephew three months ago. They both died of heart failure. My nephew Orlando was an organ donor and was a is to save 5-7 lives when he passed. It has been very difficult for my sister and the rest of our family. Orlando and I shared the love of music especially PJ and Eddie Veddar, that was I threw my green plastic bracelet onto the stage at the May 2 NYC concert. I wanted a piece of Orlando to enjoy the show. Again thank you for being a life preserver and helping me stay afloat. Peace XOXOXO
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