Philly 4/29/16 Thank You Mike McCready

I was at both Philly shows and they were my first ever Peal Jam concerts. My girlfriend and I loved every minute. Just wanted to send a special thank you to Mike McCready for the Star Spangled Banner guitar solo at the end of the Friday night's show. I shared the video of it with my father, who is a US Army Vietnam Veteran, and he clapped and cried, and said "Even Jimi Hendrix couldn't touch that"!


  • Scot ConantScot Conant MichiganPosts: 44
    That was incredible. I was at night 2. Powerful stuff. It was my 2nd ever PJ concert, and I just don't have the words.
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  • jason03jason03 N.C.Posts: 17
    Nice story! Now I have to buy another bootleg I guess lol. Ironically, after following their career since the band's inception, I and my girlfriend attended the 2 South Carolina shows, them being our first PJ concerts as well. I've just now started to process what I witnessed and was part of for those 2 nights, and both shows were incredible for totally different reasons. So much so it was almost as if I went to see 2 different bands. It was a great "event" (the overwhelming WOW that my brain is still processing from my experience of both shows).

    Also, sorry, wasn't trying to steal your thread. Tell your Dad that some crazy person you don't know says "hello and welcome to our generation's music", and "thank your for your service to our country". I love and enjoy the freedom afforded to me by tens of thousands of veterans every day, and make it a point to never take that for granted, and to never forget the cost of the freedom I revel and live in.

    Jason B, the OG Sasquatch
    after 25 year wait: Greenville april 16th, 2016 and Columbia, SC on 21st. thanks for the memories PJ
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