ISO: Philadelphia Tickets 4/28

Hey Fellow 10c! I was originally going to the Raleigh show before PJ honorably boycotted NC, and I was just able to rearrange my schedule to where I should be able to drive up for the Philly concert, Thursday night!! I'd love to know if anyone here has tix they are willing to sell. Please let me know ASAP, as I am a 10 hour drive and will go the day before. Thank you so much!!


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    pjjppjjp Posts: 32
    I have a single in Sect 205 row 6 for Philly 1.
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    I have two tickets that I am looking to part with for Thursday. Let me know if you are interested.

    "If I knew where it was I would take you there. There's much more than this."

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    MC656811MC656811 Raliegh Posts: 4
    Nevermind...I can once again, not attend, sadly. You guys have a great night!!
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