ISO Gorge Posters- 2005 and 2006

tchtch Posts: 89
I have a complicated relationship with Pearl Jam at the Gorge; in 2005, I missed out on buying the fiddler poster by just a couple people ahead of me in line. It has become my white whale. Similarly, in 2006, my (now ex-) boyfriend's stupid VW van broke down in the pass and we still managed to make it just before the show, only to get stuck in the massively long 10c ticket line while they opened with "Wash." I also didn't get a poster (and I still haven't seen Wash again, another white whale). I got the gorilla poster the next night, but I really wanted the skateboard.

Long story short, I am willing to pay cash for the 2005 fiddler or the 2006 skateboarder over the gorge. I could also entertain a trade for my 2013 Wrigley baseball alien.
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