ISO 1 Ticket to MSG (both nights)!

Of course I prefer GA for the first night and seated for the second night but i'm really not getting that picky anymore. I know it might be a long shot but I couldn't take it! I'm a head toddler teacher and my kids' naptime music consists of a lot of PJ, Eddie Vedder, Temple of the Dog, and some famous PJ covers like You've Got to Hide Your Love Away and Picture in a Frame. I can't take listening to these songs everyday knowing PJ is coming to NY and I haven't got any tickets! Please, if you have a spare, know someone with a spare, help a cool teacher out please! :D

PJ: 9/29/04, 5/12/06, 5/13/06, 6/22/08, 6/24/08, 6/25/08, 6/27/08, 6/30/08, 10/30/09, 10/31/09, 5/18/10, 5/20/10, 5/21/10, 9/3/11, 9/4/11, 10/18/13, 8/7/16
eV: 8/4/08, 8/5/08, 6/21/11
SG: 10/4/08<-- MET STONE!!!


  • zella54zella54 Posts: 53
    If you find someone with a pair I'll split it with you! Looking for both nights myself!
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