Philly 4/29- Trade 2 Floor Tickets for 2 GA Tickets

I have 2 floor FL SEC 4 Row 4 seats that I would like to trade for 2 GA tickets (even trade). Not that it matters, but I had to pay $800 for the 2 in order to take my daughter to her first show. I have been battling cancer and so many side effects since July last year. I was in the pit in Pittsburgh and I am hoping my body will hold up for GA again. I just want my 14-year-old to experience one show and I would like her to be in the pit, if possible. PJ has got me through many of the really rough times lately with lyrics that are so personal and my new meaningful PJ inspired tattoos that I added to my fight on my body. My students also designed and sold PJ inspired shirts. I used some of the proceeds to purchase sunscreen dispensers at my school to help the students and community to protect themselves from skin cancer. Please message me, if anyone is interested. Thank you!
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