Pearl Jam Dog Tags

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Okay people, I recently totaled my car and forgot to take out my Pearl Jam "No War" Dog Tags, anyone know where I can get another set?
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    ebay every so often, good luck, they dont go for cheap...
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    I'm curious as to what these look like...
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    I had one made/engraved for me. I don't have the website but I have the e-mail address if you want to e-mail the company.

    [email protected]

    Mine cost around $25. All you have to do is send an photo of the image you want.

    I hope this helps somewhat and I'm glad I'm not the only one who has one.
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  • a5pj wrote:
    ebay every so often, good luck, they dont go for cheap...

    what do they go for? i've worn my religiously since i got 'em.
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