Old Man

I met an old man today,
He smiled at me in the usual way.
He said,"How are you?"
I spoke up right of way.
I repeated,"Just do'in fine"
"I guess I'm that way,all the time"
Can you sit awhile,,and listen child,
to what I have to say.
He said,"I've been a lot of places child,
And I've found a pot of gold."
"I've walked through life unevenly,
And now I'm growing old."
I could see it in his eyes,
It was to him a big surprise,
To wonder off into a world, so dark and cold.
He said,"I've made my way through life,
A few day's back,I lost my wife."
He said,"The lord makes way's so difficult,
I've lost my pot of gold."
He said,"I've met a lot of people child,
And I've seen some go through pain."
They've walked through life unwillingly,
And with me now,It seems the same."
He said,"I've had a lot of downfalls child,
And I've walked through shattered dreams."
"I've reached what life has given me,
If you know what I mean"

Over thirty years,before my eye's.
Life took me on this wondrous ride.
I remember everything,
That little old man said to me.
So I've made my way through life,
Through shattered dreams,
Through love,and strife.
The world to me at times,
Grew dark and cold.
And I got through it just the same.
"I've had a lot of downfalls,
And I've came close to that pot of gold."
I haven't quite reached what life has given me,
Because I'm not ready,for letting go.

But Damn,I'm getting old.


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