**Official Wishlist Foundation Pre-Party Greenville, SC April 2016**

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DATE: Saturday, April 16th (Yes, Record Store Day)
TIME: 3:00pm - 6:00pm
LOCATION: Carolina Ale House 113 S Main St. Greenville
Top Floor Reserved for Wishlist Foundation party
FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE: Pearl Jam Greenville SC Wishlist Foundation Fan Preparty & Fundraiser
BENEFICIARY: Julie Valentine Center
An amazing cause! Please read more information about who they are and what they do. We need donations so if you have them please contact twosdaygrl here on the forum

Michelle Feigen, Michael Coil, Jennifer John Bickel

**Please note that we will also be having a Friday night event in the "Main Room" at the Carolina Ale House which is reserved for Pearl Jam fans on Friday, April 15 from 5-11 P.M. 10% of all purchases from fans will go to the Julie Valentine Center. Its an amazing cause, so we hope you'll come out for both Friday and Saturday!

***We are looking for auction and raffle item donations. Your generosity is appreciated and will not go unnoticed!***

If you have official t-shirts, posters, stickers, any other Pearl Jam or side project merchandise memorabilia, music/pop culture related items, gift cards, original art (not posters), or anything else you would like to donate to the preparty fundraiser, PLEASE send a PM to Twosdaygrl here on the forum . That way, we will be able to promote your item in advance and provide you with a tax receipt after the event.
Please include the following info in your email:
Full Name:
Email Address:
Donated Item(s):
Are you shipping it, dropping it off, or bringing day of party:

Raffle Ticket Donations:
3 tickets for $5
8 tickets for $10

Wishlist Foundation Fundraiser Items (for monetary donations):
T-shirts, slipmats, stickers, keychains, buttons, ticket albums, other stuff

PM twosdaygrl here on the Forum
Website: Wishlist Foundation
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    JBiiJBii Lake Spivey Posts: 354
    Looking forward to both Friday and Saturday night. Thanks for taking the time organize these events! JBii
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    Hoping to stop in Saturday to support this great cause!
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    shetellsherselfshetellsherself New Jersey Posts: 8,788
    Getting closer! Very excited for this show bc it kicks off "my" shows! Definitely planning to stop by to support this cause!
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