Looking to trade Fenway2 pair (26xxx) for Fenway1 pair

TuckerKattTuckerKatt Posts: 73
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I have a Fenway2 pair (10C: 26xxx) and I'm looking to trade for a comparable Fenway1 pair. PM me if interested.

Thanks! See you in Boston!
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  • Pre-public onsale bump!
  • MajLreapMajLreap Posts: 100
    Check your inbox
  • Based on past experience these seats should be third row for Fenway2. Anyone sub-100xxx want to trade for their Fenway1 seats?
  • KO111KO111 Posts: 93
    Sent you a PM.
  • TuckerKattTuckerKatt Posts: 73
    Still looking for a trade here. Anyone with an extra pair for Fenway1 want to trade? Thanks!
  • goodrocgoodroc Posts: 114
    check in box
  • MB17804MB17804 Posts: 7
    Hi I do have 2 for Friday. Grandstand 4 ,row 17,seats 28/29 just looking to trade for Sunday. I have the tickets I just can't make the Friday show. Let me know if interested. Text me 401-580-7989 Mike
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