2016 tickets swap/sell (face only) thread



  • iamloco724iamloco724 Brooklyn NY Posts: 1,441
    Need 2 together for Philly night 2.
  • weremin23weremin23 Posts: 305
    Looking for a single Ten Club ticket for Raleigh. GA or seat. Thanks.
  • Jeremys SpokenJeremys Spoken Posts: 7,578
    Looking for two seats in the lower level for Philly Night one.
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    2012 - MIA Festival 9/2
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    2015 - Colbert show - 9/23 Global Citizens Festival 9/26
    2016 - Philly 4/28-4/29 MSG 5/1-5/2

  • DPrival78DPrival78 CT Posts: 2,259
    looking for a single for philly 2. 10c would be great. Thanks!
    i'm more a fan of popular bands.. like the bee-gees, pearl jam
  • porchdwellerporchdweller Posts: 228
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    Have 4 in Lexington. Section 231 Row H. Face. I'll list on stubhub in next couple of days. Would rather a poster in the forum get them. PM if interested.

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    Need MSG#1. Have MSG#2 GA for trade or will pay cash. Please! !??!?!?! ♡♡♡
    Ninety Eight Shows and Counting...... Where will #100 be? 
  • tschavtschav Posts: 2,709
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    Update: ticket sold
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  • JR132757JR132757 Nashville, TN Posts: 10
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    I have a Greenville pair, sec. 220 row H
  • __GivenToFly____GivenToFly__ Posts: 57
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    Looking for either or both nights of MSG. Willing to pay or trade 2 nights at the Renaissance Marriott Hotel in NYC next to MSG for tickets (double occupancy) and no not with me, ha.. All yours. Or if there's another Marriott just let me know and I can probably get it too. First time since Randall's Island concert that I haven't won at least one show from the tenclub. Not even Philly... Very upsetting.
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  • waveruewaverue Posts: 108
    Looking for Hampton GA...plan to be there nice and early...happy to exchange PayPal in advance or cash in person day of show! Thanks for considering. Pearl Jam is helping me change my life...being in GA close to the band and surrounded by people who really understand the passion and soul of the music means the world to me. Thanks for considering!!
  • weremin23 said:

    Looking for a single Ten Club ticket for Raleigh. GA or seat. Thanks.

    Sending you a pm
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  • GotBugsGotBugs Posts: 28
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    Have a couple nice TM singles for Greenville.

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  • DM282158DM282158 Beverly, MA Posts: 501
    Still searching to swap 10C Reserved for GA in Columbia if anyone is interested.
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    Mansfield '08
    Hartford '10
    Worcester, Hartford '13
    Global Citizen, NY '15
  • nothingman44nothingman44 Posts: 1,487
    Looking to swap a pair of Philly 1 10c reserved for a pair of 10c Philly 2 reserved.
  • melissachunmelissachun Posts: 107
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    FS Columbia 10c Res pair. Face. PM if interested. Thx. SOLD :)
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  • SmallestOceansSmallestOceans Posts: 13,542
    Anybody got a nice Greenville single ticket??
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  • mwelchonsmwelchons Posts: 108
    Anyone have extra GA for Hampton Show?
  • stlhawkstlhawk Amongst the waves Posts: 88
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    I have three pair lower level for Raleigh for sale or trade. Can't go due to medical.
    Sec 101 row X Seats 1-2
    Sec 120 row Y Seats 7-8 SOLD
    Sec 115 row R Seats 4-5 side view

    Face value or trade for Wrigley tickets.
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  • jeffwalshjeffwalsh Posts: 169
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    Deleted. My extra seat to Raleigh sorted itself out. ;-)
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    My Philly 1 GA or MSG 2 GA for your MSG 1...... Looking for a good ticket ... GA PREFERRED!! PLEASE!
    Ninety Eight Shows and Counting...... Where will #100 be? 
  • ArmybratArmybrat Alexandria, VA Posts: 1

    Hi everyone! I am so excited for tour! I didn't quite have the 10C reserved experience down, and missed out on tixx. I am looking for single tixx to Tampa, Miami, Hampton, Columbia, Philly 2, and both NYC. Can pay with Paypal or Venmo

    Hey - I have one reserved Ten Club ticket for sale for Hampton. Face value. My friend can't go so it's next to me. :)
  • EnjoyBeingEnjoyBeing Posts: 123
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  • marjenmarjen CT Posts: 792
    Looking for a single GA or Res for Raleigh. Had one lined up but they just backed out :(
  • iwasatpj20iwasatpj20 Rockford, IL Posts: 3,235
    Have a spare reserved for Raleigh available. Face value, PM if interested
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    2012 - Atlanta, GA, Missoula, MT
    2013 - Chicago, IL (Wrigley Field), Dallas, TX, Oklahoma City, OK
    2014 - St. Louis, MO, Tulsa, OK, Moline, IL (No Code, IL), Saint Paul, MN, Milwaukee, WI (Yield, WI)
    2016 - Greenville, SC (Vs, SC), Raleigh, NC, Columbia, SC, Boston, MA (Fenway Park 1), Chicago, IL (Wrigley Field 1 & 2)
    2018 - Seattle, WA (Safeco Field 2), Chicago, IL (Wrigley Field 1 & 2), Boston, MA (Fenway Park 2)
    2020 - Nashville, TN, St. Louis, MO, Oklahoma City, OK, Phoenix, AZ, ??
    2022 - Nashville, TN, St. Louis, MO, Oklahoma City, OK, Phoenix, AZ, Las Vegas, NV
    2023 - St. Paul, MN 2, Austin, TX 1 and Austin, TX 2

    2012 - Temple of the Dog East Troy, WI (PJ20 Destination Weekend)
    2014 - Soundgarden Tinley Park, IL (with Nine Inch Nails)
    2014 - Alice in Chains Davenport, IA
    2016 - Chris Cornell Solo Madison, WI and Peoria, IL (official hometown show)
    2016 - Temple of the Dog San Francisco, CA (both shows)
    2017 - Soundgarden Dallas (cancelled) RIP Chris Cornell
    2018 - Smashing Pumpkins Chicago, IL (first show)
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    2022 - Jerry Cantrell Chicago, IL
    2023 - Jerry Cantrell Milwaukee, WI

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  • eeriepadaveeeriepadave West Chester, PA Posts: 40,032
    still need one for MSG 1 anywhere in the building is fine with me but would prefer reserved or somewhere near stage
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    10/31/09- Philly
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    9/2/12- Philly, PA
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    10/21/13- Philly, PA
    10/22/13- Philly, PA
    10/27/13- Baltimore, MD
    Tres Mts.- 3/23/11- Philly
    Eddie Vedder- 6/25/11- Philly
  • chitownp76chitownp76 Posts: 1,427
    I have a spare MSG1 ticket, looking to trade for Wrigley 2 GA. Trade would work like this I Have: MSG 1 TM (qty 1), Wrigley 2 reserved (qty 2) You have: Wrigley 2 GA (qty 2) and $108 (face value) Let me know if anyone is interested. PM me
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    2015: EV Solo (Metro Chicago)
    2016: Philadelphia PA 1, Philadelphia PA 2, New York City NY- MSG 1, EV Solo (Metro Chicago), Boston MA Fenway 1, Wrigley 1, Wrigley 2
    2017: EV Ohana Fest (Dana Point, CA), EV/Pete Townshend Quadrophenia Rosemont, IL
    2018: Seattle WA 1, Seattle WA 2, Missoula MT, Wrigley 1, Wrigley 2, Boston MA Fenway 1, Boston MA Fenway 2
    2019: EV Tempe, AZ
    2020: PPD
    2022: EV & Earthlings Chicago 1 & 2, Phoenix AZ, Camden NJ, Nashville TN, St. Louis MO
    2023: EV Tempe, AZ, St Paul MN 2, Chicago 1 & 2, Noblesville, IN 
    ISO MSG #1. Will trade MSG 2 GA or Philly 1 GA. 10C preferred .... GA MOST preferred!!!
    Ninety Eight Shows and Counting...... Where will #100 be? 
  • briansimpson737briansimpson737 Posts: 14
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    Similar situation to a previous poster.

    I have an extra GA for Columbia, and an extra TC reserved for Raleigh. First preference would be to trade the Columbia GA for a Raleigh GA, then sell the Raleigh reserved seats. I could also trade the Raleigh seats for GAs (2 or one plus cost of the other, etc).

    I should be able to meet in person at each venue mid afternoon.

    Don't know my exact number re: the Raleigh reserveds, but it is high if that makes a difference to you.

    Please PM me if interested.

    Gone, thanks.
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  • AndrewrubensteiAndrewrubenstei Posts: 3
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    I am looking to trade a single msg night 2 for a single philly night 2 ticket or face value.
  • cbh1011cbh1011 Minnesota Posts: 134
    I don't have a ticket to trade, but I'd be forever indebted to buy your MSG2. PM sent.
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