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The 2016 Have/Need Tickets



  • bmanningbmanning Posts: 21
    edited April 2016
    Would like to trade my two Raleigh GA (181xxx) tickets for comparable 10C reserved seats.
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  • stevedsteved Posts: 641
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    pm sent
    bmanning said:

    Would like to trade my two Raleigh GA (181xxx) tickets for comparable 10C reserved seats.

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  • The AkkusThe Akkus Posts: 1,090
    ISO 2 10c Greenville. Have cash or 2 10c Lexington res to trade. Thanks
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  • GS198606GS198606 Brooklyn, NYPosts: 2
    rssesq said:

    Greatest (and ballzy) first post EVER!

    GS198606 said:

    I need 2 to MSG #1. A guy can dream, right?

    I guess it's pretty crazy for a first time poster to ask for tickets. I hope I haven't offended anyone. I've been a member of this forum for the last 11 years, lurking, enjoying what I read, learning a lot, and appreciating the community from afar. Seeing Pearl Jam is a near-religious experience for me, as I know it is for so many of you! As you can see from my sig, I try to see them every time they come my way. This is the first time in ten years of buying tickets to their shows through the regular channels that I've been shut out. I do count myself lucky that I've been able to see them as much as I have. I'm going to hope that some tickets get released on Ticketbastard and I nab one, but I thought I'd try posting here and try my luck. Thanks for understanding!
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  • I have an extra 10C reserved tix for Tampa and Jacksonville, Florida. Family backed out. Selling at face value. Or will trade my 2 reserved for 1 GA, etc. PM me if you'd like them.
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  • eb122eb122 Posts: 8
    Hey friends! I'm taking my wifey down to my home town of sunrise, FL to catch her first headlining PJ show on Friday. I'm a long time fan as my first pj show was in south FL at lolla in '92! Sadly I got shut out on the 10c presale and didn't do great in the public one either. I would love to show her our pj love in a good section with fellow pj freaks. Anyone have a good pair of seats, possibly even 10c they are willing to part with for Friday's show?

    Appreciate any help gang...
  • mcgruff10mcgruff10 New JerseyPosts: 24,647
    anybody have one ga to night two msg? Thanks.
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  • junghirejunghire Posts: 25
    Have: (TMs are next to my seat)
    Greenville 1 TM
    Raleigh 1 TM
    Columbia 1 TC GA

    Looking for: (if someone is willing to swap/sell)
    Fenway 1

    Hoping to sell all together if possible...
    PM me. Thank you!
  • ontheroadontheroad Posts: 219
    edited April 2016
    looking for one ticket to both Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Thanks!
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  • MakeUSmileMakeUSmile NJPosts: 488
    Looking to trade:
    My single MSG 1. Section 322 row 1
    Fenway 1 section b150 pair row AA (pair)
    Fenway 2 section b157 pair row NN (pair)

    I need:
    philly 2 GA (single)
    Philly 1 10club reserve or GA (pair)

    Trade only at this time.
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  • JT300255JT300255 Posts: 5
    edited April 2016
    Looking for 2 tickets to Greenville show, please. Have 2 10C reserved to Philly 1 that I won't be able to use now; super bummed. Anyway, if anyone is looking for Philly 1 and knows how to transfer 10C tix let me know if you're interested. I'm not familiar with how to (or if you even can) 'transfer' 10C tix, so someone will have to school me. Thanks!
  • VeddersgirlatlVeddersgirlatl AtlantaPosts: 44
    I have a pair of 10c RES Raleigh for sale. Please PM if interested.
  • deweildeweil Posts: 234
    Still looking for MSG 1 and/or 2. Tour's about to start! :)
  • SteffyLouSteffyLou Posts: 366
    2 Fenway 2? Pretty please?!
  • NEED 2 for Greenville. My schedule cleared up at the last second, and I am now able to make it to this show. Would prefer 10C tix if possible :) Thank you!
  • abhijitmgabhijitmg Greensboro, NCPosts: 21
    Looking to trade my Raleigh GA for an MSG 10C ticket.
  • DPrival78DPrival78 CTPosts: 2,250
    i have one for MSG 2. Chase Bridges 310, row BS 3. Just looking for face. PM me if interested
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  • JonTurnerJonTurner Posts: 87
    Lost lottery / looking for 1 GA for Miami, please help!
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  • njnancynjnancy Northern New JerseyPosts: 5,096
    Have single Raleigh 10C reserved
    Have single Hampton TM loge side/back stage (will put exact info in)
    Looking to trade single MSG2 10C reserved for single MSG1 Also will sell.
    *May have single Fenway2 10C reserved for single Fenway1 - waiting for response from someone"

  • i got idi got id Posts: 830
    Have extra single Hampton Reserved 10c
  • tylermooretylermoore St. Joseph, MIPosts: 380
    I have a pair of reserved seats for Raleigh and Columbia for sale.
  • andertakerandertaker Posts: 100
    Hi, i'm looking for a Tampa GA ticket, please, thank you
  • Have 2 Lexington Reserved seats, looking to trade for 1 GA ticket for Lexington or possibly sell the spare
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  • Have one ga Tampa. Just want face value cash.
  • platjiveplatjive Posts: 23
    Looking for 2 lower level or floor for Miami.
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  • erniemmerniemm Posts: 22
    Have: 1 GA Wrigley night 2
    Trade for: 1 GA Wrigley night 1

    Traveling from Mexico! really want to see both shows!
  • wavesrollbywavesrollby Posts: 373
    edited April 2016
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  • GlttrGrrlGlttrGrrl Posts: 129
    Looking for a single 10c ticket for either Philly show!

  • BrainofdzBrainofdz Posts: 1,616
    Have : A Pair of 10c Reserved Section 104 for MSG 2
    Need : A Comparable Pair for MSG 1

    I am looking to trade or buy for MSG 1 and I will only sell if and when I secure MSG 1 tix
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  • bbobbbob Posts: 4
    I'm looking for 1 for Tampa
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