Need help.....Legit?

MyFathersSonMyFathersSon Chicago, ILPosts: 114
Looking to buy a Vedder autograph. Is this legit?

Any help will be much appreciated.




  • cropdustdaircropdustdair Lakewood, CO / Earth Posts: 1,968
    Looks legit to me.
  • tonifig8tonifig8 USAPosts: 2,672
    Where and when was this signed? How much is it being offered for? Who is selling it?

    You need to take the provenance into consideration when evaluating an autograph. It's not only the signature that needs to be inspected under a microscope. There is much more to it then that.

    good luck op!
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  • evsgjammevsgjamm Posts: 1,892
    ditto, but jesus H..... I'm NOT a pro, I've just seen plenty of em on here and everywhere and hope my opinion is worth the typical double deuce in pennies. Good luck would-be purchaser.
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  • MyFathersSonMyFathersSon Chicago, ILPosts: 114
    Thanks for the feedback everyone.


    1. Where and when - In Chicago. When I have no idea....I can ask.
    2. Who is selling? - A friend of mine used to own a record store in town. He was my "Bootleg" guy in the early 90's. Anyway, he has since retired from that business and is now a security guard in the school that I teach for. This autograph came from a guy that he worked with back when he owned this record store, all this guy does is get and sell autographs. My friend/co-worker knows I am a huge PJ fan and got this autograph and asked if I wanted it.
    3. He is selling it to me for $20 bucks. He will sell it to somebody else if I don't want it, he figured he would ask me first.

    Absolutely no pressure from the seller for me to buy. I am just curious if I am getting an actual autograph or a fake.......

    Any more feedback would be much appreciated.

  • cropdustdaircropdustdair Lakewood, CO / Earth Posts: 1,968
    I say for $20... GO FOR IT!
  • NatashapearljamfanNatashapearljamfan AustraliaPosts: 3,577

    I say for $20... GO FOR IT!

    Me too, that's awesome price.
  • RP112579RP112579 Tinley Park, ILPosts: 3,011
    For $20, you have to just get it. For that price it's a no lose situation.

    And if you don't want it, I'll pay the $20 for it :lol:
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  • MyFathersSonMyFathersSon Chicago, ILPosts: 114
    RP112579 said:

    For $20, you have to just get it. For that price it's a no lose situation.

    And if you don't want it, I'll pay the $20 for it :lol:

    You guys are right......for $20 bucks might as well buy it.
  • tinz.tinz. Posts: 2,370
    hey thats almost $30 canadian.... hahha
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