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Is there any Canadians out there selling their PJ Tour posters?
Can anyone guide me to a site/ store where I can purchase them?
If there is anyone out there willing to part with a Global Citizen Don Pendleton Poster please me know. I proposed to my girlfriend at the concert and it would be amazing to have this particular one as a keep sake to go with the rest.


  • You should spend some time browsing through the lost dogs section of this forum. There are loads of threads of people trying to get rid of stuff like posters. You could even make your own thread headlining that poster in particular you're after. It's very likely to get noticed there and I have seen some magic with people helping out others looking for certain items. Good luck from one Canadian to another!
  • I have the Pendleton, trying to trade it for a 2012 music midtown Atlanta, or 2013 Charlotte nc...
  • makelchnermakelchner Charlotte, NCPosts: 8
    Does this offer still stand? I'm pretty sure I have 2 from the 13 Charlotte show. Let me know and I will verify availability.
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