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    cutzcutz Posts: 11,547
    YLed2 said:

    If I can do MSG, Soldier, and PJ25 in Seattle or the Gorge all in one year......that alone would make 2016 pretty unbelievable.

    What, no Red Rocks? I think Red Rocks needs to be added to your tour>LOL!!

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    Sprunkn7Sprunkn7 Posts: 5,277
    my2hands said:

    Sprunkn7 said:

    sorry not a fan of PJ in a football stadium. no sir, I don't like it

    but how often do you get the chance?

    I've seen them in a club, casino, small arena, midsize arena, large arena, amphitheater, outdoor festival, and a baseball stadium... i would love a show at soldier field... variety is the spice of life... I think it will be a blast, anywhere in the building... I may just go for nose bleeds to sit back and soak it all in
    never...I can tell I won't like it. I don't like shows at baseball stadiums either...but I have been to a few. I saw U2 in a football stadium. Now I like U2, not Love them...and I thought it was meh...something get lost in a place that big.. Of course it's personal preference!
    Thank you fellow 10 clubber for saving my ass....again!!!
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    3days3days Posts: 1,152
    To each their own, and I could see why larger venues don't appeal to some folks... but my 1st PJ show was at Soldier.
    We were so far back that we could only see lights and tiny little dots moving around. It was euphoric! After 20 years, I can still remember the sounds, the sites, the smells, the leftover Deadheads in the parking lot, and the bags full of fresh mini doughnuts that a vendor was making inside the stadium. I remember Otis Rush and Bad Religion. I remember no legit merchandise being sold inside (that I could see), and that people didn't seem to care much. I remember "Let My Love Open The Door". It was a fabulous time!
    If PJ plays Soldier Field again, I hope I'm there.
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