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I will light the match this morning, so I won't be alone
Watch as she lies silent, for soon light will be gone
Oh I will stand arms outstretched, pretend I'm free to roam
Oh I will make my way, through, one more day in...hell

How much difference does it make
How much difference does it make...

I will hold the candle, till it burns up my arm
I'll keep takin' punches, until their will grows tired
Oh I will stare the sun down, until my eyes go blind
Hey I won't change direction, and I won't change my mind

how much difference does it make
how much difference does it make..
how much difference...

I'll swallow poison, until I grow immune
I will scream my lungs out till it fills this room

How much difference
How much difference
How much difference does it make
How much difference does it make...

First off, I always thought the lyric was "Watch as she lies silent, for soon that (silence) will be gone"
Maybe I'm wrong.
It seems obvious to me that it is about the mental and physical abuse a man takes along his life path and about this man's unwavering perseverance. Also, he is questioning if what he is doing will really make a difference in the end.
But what is the motivator? What does the man envision at the end of the road that makes this battle worth the fight?
Also, did he choose this path or was he forced in?

Or maybe you guys have some other ideas?

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    vonlupvonlup Indy Posts: 75
    I'm sorry no one has answered you post so far. I think your interpretation is pretty good.
    I don't think it's a forced path, just one life takes when your not looking. Before you know it, you are someplace you didn't expect to be.
    The reason he doesn't give up is the same reason most of us don't, humans are programmed to keep going. We hope against hope that bad things will change.
    Hope this answers your Q.
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    hrd2imgnhrd2imgn Southwest Burbs of Chicago Posts: 4,864
    I think it is the beginning of his anti-fame approach. How he (Ed) is dealing with the prying papparatzi/fans. He has a mission, and he won't let the haters/stalkers deter him or sway him, he is indifferent (having no particular interest or sympathy; unconcerned- thanks Google)to them. He will outlast them, he will overcome them, he will tell all who come after him as well
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    Walking the milesWalking the miles Toronto Posts: 548
    Yes, agreed the beginning of his anti-fame approach, but also he was questioning whether all the things he's railing against even make a difference. A dark place, but a battle cry as well. I feel the song has different meaning now as it ages. Because we see now, that it has made a difference. That's why this song is such a great one live. I've been lucky enough to be pretty close to the front of the stage a couple of times when this song is played, and when the crowd participates on the line, "I will scream my lungs out till it fills this room", I always gesture to the crowd, like "YES! IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!" "Look at all the people affected, and changed by the words you write, and the songs you play". It also reminds us, ourselves, to strive to enact change around us, not to be discouraged.

    Could very well be my favourite song ever written.
    "Feel the path of everyday....which road you taking?"

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    DeLukinDeLukin Posts: 2,733
    You wonder if the "she" in the first line is fame. It's isolating, inescapable, and suffocating. I thought the line in Blood "Paint Ed big, turn Ed into, one of his enemies" has a similar sentiment. If you're not careful it will change you so - fight against it with everything you have, event if it's only to get back to where you started (the 'inner sense' he gets back in In My Tree, etc.).
    I smile, but who am I kidding...
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    NanouNanou Posts: 191
    If I simplify the interpretation, for me the message would be that sometimes there are things that affect our life in a negative way and that we cannot control. However, we need to stay strong and endure them because one day they will end.
    Today I think of Europe and the ever more present terrorist threat.
    New times bring new interpretations.
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    I see it very differently. This is about perserverance. Sometimes life is hard but you cannot let it beat you. You fight. You never never give up.
    Does it make a difference in the scope of things? In my mind yes. 
    Personal note. Just finished going through some pretty severe medical stuff and listened to this every day during some pretty unpleasant treatments.  It was inspiring. 
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    fixingfixing Posts: 10
    Im coming from a darker  place, but I see it as a feeling of loneliness and depression. The first lines highlighting that despite having partner,companion, the feeling stil l engulfs him. The many metaphors attempting to describe his ambivalence, and also his stubbornness to endure and get through these feelings. Negative but positive song LLPJ
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    Red-ManRed-Man Posts: 62
    I know I'm several years late to the thread, but I've found a lot of solace in this song recently. I cannot agree more with 'Fixing' above that this is deals with fairly morbid themes....depression, loneliness, abandonment. Absolute fucking masterful piece of music
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