New Arc or All of the Above

Wife, concubine, muse, mistress, prostitute, woman…
if a man can have all of the above
why can’t we...
So…been there done that..
All positions worthy of the tell as to what stage I am performing poorly on & on
Concubine sounds good if the man is sound
Man enough to share in the realization that I need, want, desire the same things
If not, on to the next not so polite society
Stay a while wallow in this realm
Wipe clean have a shower of gifts risen from heaven quietly discreetly paid tribute on account
What seemed a charmed discretion made it to an edge
In and out of balance …on the road from the temple…
Here I sit at the end of the journey as prostitute to woman…
Exchange of energy, was it fair…game of life…or death…a bit of both
Taken in, stride along
A long walk without talk, taciturn, tacit, intrinsic...explicit expression of the next full turn into woman…
Where I like to be…am…mine…just…fair in love and war is over if you want it... here it is
come and get it ‘cause it’s going fast
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