*** Sao Paulo, Brazil Fanviews Here 11/14/15 ***



  • The best Pearl Jam show, util now, that I have ever been, Waiting now for Brasilia, Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro. Lets rock
    Up here in my tree...
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    I cant describe what happen tonight!!!Ok..3 plus hours..after the show..we arrved home..
    But...wow...that show was unreal..cant explain with words
    It was magic...raining 3/4 of the show like crazy..was insane!!!!!
    And as Tina said....
    Thank you Sao Paolo for one of the best nights ever
    And..i have to say it
    Black solo tonight...
    Was from another planet..Mike left out of his body...thay was something else.
    As for setlist,.that first 10 something songs of main set was crazy..
    And the moment of the night..was really when betterman played..abd was like someone hit a button and stsrt raining do hard when fast part of the songs played..was magic..and all stadium went nuts...
    I cant calm from the energy the show gave me
    Obrigada sao paulo..i have no words...
    And that good night..and then left and eddie return and played all along the watchtower...was Insane
    Im having a fuckin blast in this tour..i felt so wellcomed in south america
    In chile-argentina and now in brazil
    Thank u latinos brother..i fuckin love u!!

    As for the rain...pj20...wrigley...now this .. bring it weather....we party like there is no tomorrow!!!!

    The moment eddie talked about paris was so powerful..
    And during imagine...the big screans showed a guy has up his phone,.wjth the flag from france..and all stadium start clapping
    What a fuckin night!!!!!

    Thanks Sea!!

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    This was a truly great show, although in some respects an unusual one. There was clearly an emotional hangover from the events in Paris one night earlier, as evidenced by the setlist and the sentiments expressed by Ed onstage. The band was tight and highly engaged throughout, but the wind and nearby lightening seemed to break the spell for a bit in the middle part of the show. I thought both encores were spectacular. From Imagine forward the spell was back on. At that point all of the elements in play - not least of which was a highly enthusiastic crowd of at least 60,000 - combined to generate that communal magic that separates the great rock shows from the merely good ones. I've seen this band 17 times since 1993 (finally Long Road) and it blows me away that they can still bring it full force for 3 hours plus, as good as ever. Ole ole ole ole, Pearl Jam.

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    Rozbr said:

    Awesome show !! 80k people singing together, beautiful !! Tha band was On fire! Thanks PJ !

    80,000! Holy shit!

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  • wow,
    when reading the setlist (thanks again Sea!) I imagined already an almost mystic show -
    ... many favourite songs got played again while a storm and so much rain defined the present tense. ... and there was so much heavy weight to carry around through all the emotions of the night before, that defined the past.
    so to me, the songs and comments were well and appropriate chosen after the horror night of November 13th. It really sounds like a very special night – still, they spread out the great happiness through the magic of rock'n roll music and again, in the best possible way - however, this time, under special circumstances!
    So, thank you Pearl Jam!!! the best band ever – and built to last! :)

    but I also want to thank Dimitri big times!
    Tonight I had time to read through the comments and so my first and second Impression of that concert got proven by your wonderful review! - it was perfectly brought up to the point and such a good read - I almost could feel the energy!!!
    So yeah, rock on! and spread the good vibes :)

    best wishes and greetings to south america, sent from Europe :(
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    hahahaha it was unbelievable. My 4th PJ concert and surely the best until now by far.

    There was some worry about raining, but in the afternoon it was not likely to happen. The sun was warm and lots of guys were using shorts. As was dusk, things started to change, but no rain when the band went onstage. The information about the rain is very important hahaha

    Until Do The Evolution, I didn't have heard any of the songs live before. Long Road was a great opener. Love Boat Captain was a fucking good surprise! We were talking about this song before the concert started. The crowd sang it with strength.

    Given to Fly, Jeremy and Betterman is already a great sequence on its own. But the best was about to come hahahah.
    We're all aware the rain was arriving, some people bought rain coats. When it was the final part of Better Man (she loved him, she don't want to leave this way) the rain started in the stage - YES, ONLY ON STAGE - and the stage lights were on and turned to the audience. So while singing/screaming through the best part of one of their best songs, we could SEE the rain coming down before actually feeling the raindrops AND IT WAS MAGICALLY BEAUTIFUL. Everybody started to smile and to look at each other laughing and singing even louder than before. We were on a stadium, we celebrated it like if our team had scored a goal. Fuck. The best moment of the night. Still can't believe it.

    You can see it on this video. The catharsis happens at ~3:30. Watching the video before posting and it still chills me hahaha

    Then in the end the band performed Rocking in the Free World, Yellow Ledbetter and said good bye. THEN THEY CAME BACK AND PLAYED ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER HAHAHAHAH
    one of the best days of my life. I will remember it forever :)
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    Gustavo Gregorutti on youtube has the whole concert on his channel! amazing
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    here's a quick playlist I made of his videos and for Black I used the one dimi posted
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    So a couple of weeks ago my wife surprised me with the news that we would be flying to Brazil to see Pearl Jam for my 40th birthday. Unbelievable!

    After a few days in Rio, we came to Sao Paulo for the show. What an amazing environment... We are so used to going to shows in Los Angeles, where frankly people are a little, uh... laid back... and needless to say it was a completely different experience in Brazil... it seems like everybody had a PJ t-shirt on, everybody was drinking beer and having a great time outside the arena, and Oh, people don't have assigned seats!

    We got there early enough to stake out a great spot though, and met some really cool helpful people. Turns out, not only are Brazilians passionate, they are super friendly - And did I mention beer? Only like 2-3 us $ apiece!

    And what can I say about the show itself? Amazing set list, the crowd was singing with a crazy energy I've never seen at a show, and then there was the rain. It's as if, instead of dampening everybody's spirits, the rain just fired everybody up all the more.

    Of the Girl, Elderly Woman solo, LBC, DEEP!! And, man, if you folks in the US are tired of hearing Evenflow, you should see how that song kills in Sâo Paulo - gave me a new appreciation for that song live -

    All in all, my favorite PJ show out of all 10, and easily the best birthday I've ever had. Here's to the next 40 years!
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    Expression eddie vedder when the show started (sorry my english)

  • Hey, does anyone knows if the drone aerial footage, which was exhibited during Given to Fly is available anywhere????
  • thanks ehbacon for your playlist, just fuckin awesome, really wish i could have made it over. Unbelievable the way this band just keeps raising the bar.
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    It was one of the best concerts that I saw live!!! Really amazing..the energy...the energy of that day...
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    Expression eddie vedder when the show started (sorry my english)


    Was Eddie crying? I watched a video of Long Road and it looked like he was crying a bit, if so that's awesome. One of the most moving songs played in that context must have been tough to sing.
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    after seeing the band in argentina and chile i sat down to see the show way far back, with two brazilian beautiful and friendly girls, it was cool because i didnt get wet since i was under the roof of the stadium, chilling with beer. of the girl was the best one to me, since i love that one and it hardly gets played. it sounded excellent, loud and clear, the whole show. the version of all along the watchtower, once the band had exit after YL was very intense, raw and powerful. nice one
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    My favorite PJ show out of all 13 I've seen. Can't wait the bootleg.
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