*** Buenos Aires, Argentina Fanviews Here 11/7/15 ***

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Pearl Jam: Buenos Aires, AR November 07, 2015
Estadio Unico Cuidad De La Plata

Opening Band: Capsula

Walk On Music: 09:17 (Master & Slave)
Band On Stage: 09:18
Band Off Stage: 12:23

01. Pendulum
02. Low Light
03. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
04. Mind Your Manners
05. Do The Evolution (when the audience sings along to Stone’s guitar part Ed shouts “You got this. I think you wrote this.”)
(In between songs Ed sings “yeah, yeah” and the audience sings it back to him. He tries a few things going high and low and the crowd repeats it back)
06. All Night
07. Once (During ‘Once’ Ed jumps down onto the lower deck of the stage in front of the monitors, moving towards the barricade and sings the outro)
08. Dissident
(after the song the audience starts singing something that has the words Olé, olé, olé Ola San Diego. After the audience finishes the song Ed addresses them in English and Spanish)
09. Lightning Bolt
(Ed thanks the audience and the opening band Capsula, “thanks for being a great audience to for them and thanks to them for being a great band for us.” He mentions that they are originally from Buenos Aires but have been away for a long time. They flew in from Spain just for this show. He says the next song is for them.)
10. Given To Fly
11. Swallowed Whole
(“This song we played at our very first show, which will be 25 years ago in one month. And we are here to prove that we play it better now than we did then.” Mike’s gesture indicates he agrees.)
12. Even Flow
(after the song the crowd continues to sing the part they sang through the the end of “Even Flow”. Ed says, “I think this crowd is our favorite band.”)
13. Sirens-(sing along outro)
(“So this one’s for Seattle.”)
14. Grievance
(Ed describes pulling up to the venue today and all the people lined up outside. He spotted a young girl about the same age as his daughter. He describes what she was wearing and how she put her hands to her face in excitement and then waved. He wished the band could have stopped and jumped out but they were in a long line of cars. He then thanks the audience for coming to the show and thanks the mom for bringing the girl to the show and says he wishes he could have met her. He (dedicates Daughter to the little girl Ed saw as they were pulling up to the venue.)
15. Daughter/ Blitzkrieg Bop-(Ramones)/ WMA. just the lyric “Hey Ho, Let’s go” for Blitzkrieg
16. Unthought Known
17. Immortality
18. Life Wasted
19. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break 1
(Ed talks about “we” meaning the band and crew and “some of you as well” meaning the audience have had a very rough year and lost people that they loved. He tells the Argentinians that it means so much being received so well by them. “It means a lot and even more now.”)

20. Footsteps (Ed has security give the harmonica he was playing to a woman at the barricade. She appears to be very moved. Her reaction is shown on the video screens)
21. Imagine-(Lennon) {Lots of cell phone lights and lighters held up by the audience}
(Ed addresses the crowd in Spanish. He talks about how his first trip to South American was with the Ramones.)
22. Corduroy
23. I Believe In Miracles-(Ramone, Ray)
24. Jeremy
25. Porch (Ed runs to the wings of the stage and dances. Jeff lays on his back on the stage and continues to play. Ed puts on a Chicago cubs helmet and goes down between the barricades towards front of house shaking hands)

Encore Break 2

(Ed notes that there are lot of women down front at the barricade and comments “that means it is safe down there and people are looking out for each other. That is not always the case.” He praises the strong women and men that are taking care of each other.
He asks for a camera to show the sign he is holding. It says “Ni Una Menos” Ed implores people to end gender based violence and for people to stand up for women everywhere.
The next two songs seem to tie in to his comments)

26. Leaving Here-(Holland, Holland, Dozier)
27. Betterman/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) {just the lyrics “Don’t Run Away, Don’t Let Me down}
28. Red Mosquito
29. Black (audience continues to sing and clap the outro after the band stops playing. Only Stone continues to quietly continue strumming. Gradually slowing down)
30. Blood /Atomic Dog-(Clinton, Shider, Spradley) (just a couple the “bow wow” lines)
31. Alive
32. Baba O’Riley-(Townshend)
33. Indifference

Please share your experiences of the show here...the Fanview threads are preserved on the board.

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Thank you!
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    The solo in Black was absolutely jaw dropping
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    I have just witnessed another legendary Pearl Jam show.
    The Argentine fans are amazing! It was even better than I had hoped it would be.

    That was something special tonight, and I simply have no words for it. I will never forget this show. Estadio La Plata has wonderful acoustics, the band sounded awesome.

    There is a special bond between the band and their Argentine fans, that there is no question.
    This is going to take some time to totally sink in, the show was that great.
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    That is a sick setlist.
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  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPRO Posts: 139,097
    Omg....what a night....had a blast....i dont know if details matter...
    But with this crowd and energy only epic show u can have
    The last encore was unreal!!!!!!and eddie challenge the crowd ."what?are u tired?u wanna go for sleep?"and they went nuts!!!!
    I have no words about buenos aires..this place is blessed with people who doesnt afraid to feel,to scream,to let lose.....
    THANK U Bs As...Thanks PJ..Thanks hermanos ..ill see u again..

    Thanks Kat!!
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  • I just got back home. What a great night. Long set, many rarities. Baba O'Riley!!!
    Wow, it was intense. I love you all, have a nice night. I need to sleep.
  • mfc2006mfc2006 HTOWN Posts: 37,300
    Great setlist! Glad you all had fun
  • Footsteps, grievance, all night, red mosquito, indiference, leaving here
    Great setlist
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  • javis el errantejavis el errante Buenos Aires Posts: 6,135
    Best band ever. Best show ever.

    6 am. I just got back from La Plata. Walked from 25 and 32, where the stadium is located, down 32 to 13, then from 32 down 13 up to 44, then from 13 down 44 up to 7, the 4 more blocks to the bus station. 40 minutes waiting line. 1 hour and a half ride. Then another bus to get me where I take the train home. Dinner at 4 am. I'm still precessing this night.

    It was high time that the Argentine crowd got a set list like this one. Low Light, All Night, Dissident,
    Grievance, Footsteps, Leaving Here, Red Mosquito, Baba O’Riley, Indifference: these are not regular on the setlist, and only Grievance was played before, back in 2005. Lightning Bolt and Swallowed Whole are in my LB top five, needless to say that Blood, Alive, Corduroy, DTE, RVM and Life Wasted are a must in a PJ setlist, I never get tired of those, and this time Life Wasted sounded wierd, but it still rocked and kicked ass. I could do without many songs of Ten and more Binaural and Riot Act, maybe next time. But this show was one of a lifetime: the songs, the crowd, the singalongs, the energy were out of this world. Eddie saying Argentine crowd were the band fav band was funny, but he mentioned that back in 2011 when they played with X, Jeff asked how was that possible? that crowd was insane "still processing it", and Ed later said "it is possible". As Dimi said, the vibe in La Plata was unique. This was the best show ever. I can't think any other band or any other event that made me feel what I felt tonight (no kids and haven't met my other half yet), and only Pearl Jam can beat this show. And the cherry on top: they played Red Mosquito. Say no more.

    6:30 am. javis signing off.
    ... I am not in the business of being liked anymore ...

  • Best show ever.
    Words are absolutely not enough, we’ll all be lucky if the bootleg can capture at least part of what this show was.
    First, the setlist, shaking things up, was superb, in the past we’ve gotten only glimpses of songs that are less familiar, so last night was a real treat. I even got my absolute favorite song, Footsteps, which in a million years would have dreamt to listen to live in my hometown.
    Second, the band’s mood towards the show, as I mentioned about the Santiago’s show, they all seemed to be enjoying themselves, and that clearly translates into a great interaction with us the fans. Eddie was particularly active, came down the stage twice I think, the one with the helmet was hilarious, he also wore a monkey mask someone in the audience gave him. And Jeff wore Fabricio Oberto’s basketball shirt during the last encore, as he did in previous times.
    Last but not least, the crowd, with once again amazing energy. We all knew we were being part of something truly memorable. I was seating next to a nice couple from Toronto (sorry I didn't get your names), it was his 50th show, and they say they came to SA wanting to experience first hand the energy of this crowds, since the band has said they love it here. I hope we didin’t disappoint them.
    I’m sure many more things will come to my mind, it was all too much.
    Thank you Pearl Jam for one of the greatest nights ever!
    I have now a couple of weeks to settle down, and then, Río.
  • nuzzer1nuzzer1 New Jersey Posts: 1,418
    Epic epic show- that crowd is surreal. Best energy I've ever seen! Was excellent to see how grateful Ed was to them - they played their hearts out!
  • bootlegger10bootlegger10 Posts: 15,257
    To experience the pit in Buenos Aires was something special and will never forget. Absolutely crazy. The crowd was so into it and the band was just feeding off the energy. Hearing Red Mosquito was a highlight for sure. I don't have a great memory for fan view type postings but the energy in the room was phenomenal and I would come back in a heartbeat.
  • SarahSarah Toronto Posts: 736
    Sounds like an AMAZING show. Congrats to those who were there.
    "Somewhere in between / There and here / I got lost / I got scared..."
  • nicknyr15nicknyr15 Posts: 7,428
    What a set.
  • 23scidoo23scidoo Thessaloniki,Greece Posts: 17,991
    I have no words now..my english is very poor to describe what happen and what i felt last night..
    Thank you PJ..Thank you Argentina..more when i get home..
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    I wish i was the souvenir you kept your house key on..
  • toddlutttoddlutt Seattle Posts: 35
    All that I could have hoped for and more (Red Mosquito, I Believe In Miracles, Blood and of course Footsteps). I came to South America just for this, the energy, the energy, the energy... I only wish I could have survived the pit longer (but did not want to miss the shows in Brazil which will be the grandest dessert after a fabulous main course). The most amazing crowd ever, thank you Buenos Aires!
  • iwasatpj20iwasatpj20 Rockford, IL Posts: 3,236
    The Buenos Aires set was great, sounded like an amazing crowd.

    I'll definitely have to put Argentina on my to do bucket list.
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  • wow, looks like they knocked it out of the park last night. love this band!
  • Last night was incredibly special and yes, that set list kicked ass. I'm finding that words ring hollow to express the passion that band and fans had. Well done Argentina!

    To those going on to Brazil, safe travels. Loved meeting each and everyone.
  • nuzzer1nuzzer1 New Jersey Posts: 1,418
    Anyone happen to know last night's attendance?
  • cp3iversoncp3iverson Posts: 8,620
    We need a Buenos Aires live blu-ray
  • nuzzer1nuzzer1 New Jersey Posts: 1,418
    Anyone happen to know last night's attendance?
  • They were singing "Olé, Olé, Olé, Pearl Jam, Pearl Jam" and then also singing Olé in full.


    Yes, only the last "Olé" has nothing to do with PJ song, it´s a little longer version of the first chant. Dimitris post a video here community.pearljam.com/discussion/247744/buenos-aires-last-night#latest
  • ehbaconehbacon Posts: 1,964
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  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPRO Posts: 139,097
    nuzzer1 said:

    Anyone happen to know last night's attendance?

    50-52 was the tickets was sold
    "...Dimitri...He talks to me...'.."The Ghost of Greece..".
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  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPRO Posts: 139,097
    ehbacon said:
    Absolutely...said it at the relay
    "...Dimitri...He talks to me...'.."The Ghost of Greece..".
    "..That's One Happy Fuckin Ghost.."
    “..That came up on the Pillow Case...This is for the Greek, With Our Apologies.....”
  • mcgruff10mcgruff10 New Jersey Posts: 27,529

    nuzzer1 said:

    Anyone happen to know last night's attendance?

    50-52 was the tickets was sold
    So Santiago had more people at it? Was ba close to a sell out?
    I'll ride the wave where it takes me......
  • nicknyr15nicknyr15 Posts: 7,428
    I can't wait for the boot. Wow
  • LauTLauT Posts: 3
    I wish I spoke inglish, but it´s so hard to think in another language... In Argentina, at least, the OLÉ OLÉ song means love to the band. Means that the fans are another member of a band and that their are so pasioned for it that they can't stop. We sing "olé olé olé, olé olé olé olá, olé olé olé cada día te quiero más, yo soy Pearl Jam, es un sentimiento, no puedo parar"
  • LauTLauT Posts: 3
    All the things you said before about the show make me cry. I can't believe a was there. I can't believe is so true what we felt... Thank you Pearl Jam, you make very happy
  • rssesqrssesq Fairfield County Posts: 3,299
    what a banger! congrats to all who witnessed that monster show. can we get some better vids SA.
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