Scream Hello // Bring Pearl Jam Back to Budapest 1996/2017



  • I'd go.
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    I'd go.

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    I'm in too..
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  • Totally on board for this. My father's father is Hungarian. Budapest is a very special place, and I think the people are lovely too. Would LOVE to go back for PJ! Let's get some gas in these Euro rumors!
  • Dear Friends!
    It has been 20 years ago today, that I used this ticket. I hope that I don’t have to wait that much to see my favourite band playing in my hometown again!
    The chief editor of Miklós Pintér is in Seattle right now. He’s there to make interviews and to attend a couple of interesting events. He already saw the Temple of the dog show in LA, now he is trying to get in one of their coming concerts in Seattle. If you happen to have one spare ticket for him, please send a pm to
    This is him (left) with Andy Nelson, Willi Nelson’s cousin, who now runs the vinyl section at Easy Street Records.
    And in front of the newly painted Mother Love Bone wall.
    Kisses and hugs!
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    Also, if you are Budapest, our very talented friends from the Hungarian Alice in Chains tribute band 'MEN in the box' are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the famous AIC Unplugged concert with an unplugged show in Instant bar this evening!
    Don't miss it!
    See you there! :-)
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  • AIC tribute show was amazing
    Meanwhile Miklós met this young fella' in Seattle... :-O
  • Hi Guys,

    We did something again in Hungary.

    I would like to share with you our fan made mini-documentary about the Hungarian premier of Pearl Jam’s Let’s Play Two. We call it ‘#ScreamHelloBudapest'. 

    Please find below the links (with English subtitles):

    (Sometimes YouTube doesn’t like to share the special contents on iPhone, iPad or other mobile devices but it works very well on MacBook Air, iMac or same other devices. Please try Vimeo link if YouTube's doesn’t work.)

    This film come from our heart and I believe you understand well how we feel about the band.

    Enjoy, use and share, if you think.

    Thank you very much!

    See you at shows,


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    Nicely done! I hope you guys get a show soon!
    It's a hopeless situation...
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    Keep your fingers crossed for us guys!!!! <3
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  • This is an interview with our great friend John Evans, who's camped 4 days before the first Wrigley show in front of the stadium last year. Ed and the crowd sang 'Release' to him. You watched his story in Let's Play Two movie. Please read and enjoy this very emotional content:
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    Thanks but sajnos ez sem volt elég...
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