2, 10C Tickets for transfer -- Brisbane, Australia Nov 10

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PJ Fans --

Edited this post July 28th -- The tickets were transferred to a worthy Kiwi who is making a jump across the Tasman specifically for the show. Sorry for those still looking for Bribane tickets. Good luck finding them elsewhere.

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As an American who just recently moved to Australia, I have been looking (with some jealousy) at the incredible set lists for the shows going on back home. Luckily the band will be gracing those of us down under with a series of shows. I will see them for 2, and maybe all 3 shows in Sydney. But damn, I can no longer make the trip to Brisbane and therefore have two 10C tickets for transfer for the Nov 10th show. It is at the Brisbane entertainment centre, and the tickets are at the venue for pickup. If you are a 10C member and interested in the tickets, please let me know. I don’t want them to go to waste. PJ is way too good to leave good seats empty.
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    I just PM'ed you... I would LOVE to take those off your hands. I am coming to Australia from Chicago and am in need of tix for that show. I am also a 10C member and would love to have them transferred to my account.

    Please let me know if you can help.


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