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  • SaraodSaraod Posts: 25

    Wow, Vs as #10!

    Glad you joined 10C, hope you enjoy it. Fenway was awesome!

    Thanks so much! Yes, seems harsh on Vs ... none of them deserve to be #10. Fenway def awesome. Hoping they tour next year. Don't mind where ... will travel :)
  • pearldavidsonpearldavidson YinzPosts: 1,157
    1. Ten
    2. Vs
    3. Riot Act
    4. Binaural
    5. Yield
    6. No Code
    7. Vitlaogy
    8. Backspacer
    9. Pearl Jam
    10. Lightning Bolt

    Subject to change
  • yoyoyoyo FrancePosts: 261

    1.No Code 9.99/10
    2.Vitalogy 9.98/10
    3.Vs 9.97/10
    4.Ten Redux 9.96/10
    (Merkinball 9.95/10)
    5. Binaural 9/10
    6. Yield 9/10
    (Ten 9/10)
    (Into The Wild 9/10)
    (Lost Dogs 9/10)
    7. Riot Act 8/10
    8. Avocado 8/10
    9. Lightning bolt 6.5/10
    10. Backspacer 6/10
  • chadaw76chadaw76 IndianapolisPosts: 222
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    1. VS.
    2. Ten
    3. No Code
    4. Vitalogy
    5. Binaural
    6. Yield
    7. Lightning Bolt
    8. Riot Act
    9. Backspacer
    10. Pearl Jam
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  • tivolotivolo Posts: 5
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    My list, and favorite tracks from each:

    1. Ten (All of it)
    2. Vs (Animal, Daughter, Dissident, Rearviewmirror, Elderly Woman, Indifference)
    3. Vitalogy (Last Exit, Not for You, Tremor Christ, Nothingman, Corduroy, Better Man, Immortality)
    4. Binaural (Light Years, Nothing As It Seems, Insignifcance, Sleight Of Hand, Parting Ways)
    5. No Code (Sometimes, Hail/Hail, Off He Goes, Red Mosquito, Around The Bend)
    6. Yield (Faithfull, Given To Fly, Wishlist, Do The Evolution, In Hiding)
    7. Riot Act (Can't Keep, I Am Mine, Thumbing My Way, All or None)
    8. Lightning Bolt (Sirens, Lightning Bolt, Pendulum, Yellow Moon)
    9. Pearl Jam (World Wide Suicide, Gone, Army Reserve, Inside Job)
    10. Backspacer (Just Breathe, Unthought Known, Force of Nature, The End)
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  • Oops, haven't checked this thread in a bit. Glad to see more responses here... and more love for No Code :-)
  • sak300zxsak300zx Posts: 720
    This list is constantly changing for me but this is where I'm at today:

    1. Vitalogy
    2. Yield
    3. Vs
    4. Ten
    5. No Code
    6. Binaural
    7. Riot Act
    8. Lightning Bolt
    9. Backspacer
    10. Avocado
  • ShynerShyner Posts: 1,226
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    My list changes
    1 riot act/ten 1A
    2 no code
    3 yield
    4 vs
    5 binaural
    6 pearl jam
    7 vitalogy
    8 lightning bolt
    10 backspacer

    Sucks to put the last 2 at the tail end I would like to say i love backspacer is a great album. The window of difference isn't much
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  • whoanelly15whoanelly15 Posts: 609
    To me, this is impossible to actually rank 1-10, or 11 or 12 if you count Lost Dogs or Mirror Ball. I truly love them all, but for different reasons and in different ways. So, it's in constant motion. Only way I can go on record with this is through a tiered system. Before you take exception, please note that each tier is listed in reverse chronological order... in other words, NOT ranked.

    Tier 3 - "They have their moments. Great... and not so great."
    Lightning Bolt
    Lost Dogs

    Notes: There are songs on each of these three records that I adore and that are essential to the catalog, but there are songs on each that I consistently skip and that, for me, weakened the album's overall impact.

    Tier 2 - "There's just something missing (relative to Tier 1)."
    Riot Act
    No Code
    Mirror Ball

    Notes: No skips in Tier 2, but there also aren't as many superpowers per album. If either No Code or Mirror Ball included I Got Shit, I'd probably bump them into Tier 1. I'll also add that No Code might be the album helped the most by live performances over the years. Really all of NC is amazing live.

    Tier 1 - Perfection!

    Notes: Binaural might be the undisputed #1 for me if it had included the outtakes (Sad, Education, Fatal) and/or 1999 X-mas singles Strangest Tribe and Drifting.

  • HesCalledDyerHesCalledDyer MarylandPosts: 12,569
    1. Yield
    2. Ten, Vs, Vitalogy, No Code, Binaural, Riot Act, Pearl Jam, Backspacer, Lightning Bolt
  • dpduke69dpduke69 Raleigh, NCPosts: 187



    No Code




    Riot Act

    Pearl Jam


    Lightning Bolt

    2013: Charlotte
    2016: Greenville Columbia
  • JimmyVJimmyV Boston's MetroWestPosts: 12,263
    Always a fun exercise.

    10. Backspacer
    9. Riot Act
    8. Binaural
    7. Lightning Bolt
    6. No Code
    5. Vitalogy
    4. Avocado
    3. Yield
    2. Vs.
    1. Ten

    "...I changed by not changing at all..."
  • 1. VS
    2. Ten
    3. No Code
    4. Vitalogy
    5. Yield
    6. Pearl Jam 
    7. Riot Act
    8. Binaural
    9. Backspacer
    10. Lightning Bolt
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