Thank You PJ Fan Club

Pearl Jam Fan Club you are the best! I got camp cups!? Is this a test?! Did I order and forget?
Is Alzheimer’s out to get me? Am I caught in a net?
Is someone missing their mugs of late? Did you ship them both out by mistake?
Oh in reality you are just great!
Do I send them back? Dare I claim my bag tags instead?
Such a welcome surprise! The laugh riots in my head and in my belly too
For Mango Orange and Hot Chocolate brewed, christened each cup, not at all crude,
Thee flavours are astoundingly amplified by insignia when shared with a friend,
Toasting with marshmallows could be the fall trend
And now that I have used them I could not possibly part
With these mugs full of elixir that goes straight to my heart
Thee tags for travel are still my desire while camping at home with my own inner fire
If tags for travel should never arrive I’ll most gratefully travel with these mugs by my side.


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