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So I have started to set up a new music area where I can listen to and play my music and I was thinking about how to decorate....and I got an idea. I have the Ottowa mookie poster and the event took place on September 14th which happens to be my birthday. So I want to try and get as many prints as I can from Sept 14th shows to decorate this new area. They don't necessarily have to be PJ or EV but hopefully it would be a band I am interested in. I have a wide range of taste in music I mainly like a lot of rock, but I listen to everything. Hopefully you guys can help me out with this. I am open to purchase or trade.

Please shoot me a PM if you can assist me, THANKS!

Edit looking for these specifics now as well:
Foo Fighters 9/14/15 Portland
QOSTA 9/14/13 Pittsburgh PA
The Big 4 9/14/11 Yankee Stadium (Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer, Metallica)
Collective Soul 9/14/04 San Francisco CA
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  • TFlyerTFlyer DMV (dc,md,va)Posts: 881
    Bump. There has to be someone on here who can help me out!
  • TFlyerTFlyer DMV (dc,md,va)Posts: 881
    Bump, found a couple more to add. There has to be someone who can help on here.
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    Good luck!
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    Cool idea, I have the Ottawa poster but I see that's what started your idea.
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  • TFlyerTFlyer DMV (dc,md,va)Posts: 881
    Thanks @courtmcc & @a5pj. Yes I hope someone can assist me and I don't have to end up just buying all the posters on the bay for ridiculous amounts. Also I am hoping someone else knows of other events that occurred on said date.
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    Did you try putting the date in expressobeans to see what comes up?
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    courtmcc said:

    Did you try putting the date in expressobeans to see what comes up?

    Yes, surprisingly it didn't turn up much?
  • I'm in the same boat. Wanting a poster for the date my kids were was a PJ show...the other is a Stones concert in Brazil...can't find it anywhere.
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