The Black Market Aftermath...NEW BAND!

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Hi everyone! My name is Francesco, PJ came into my life in 2001, in 2006 i met Eddie Vedder....my life was heavily influenced by PJ music.
One of the consequences, is that nowadays I'm a professional Film and TV Composer.
I also have a band, we're Black Market Aftermath and this is our new, debut album:
Bandcamp link: https://blackmarketaftermath.bandcamp.com/
If you prefer Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/blackmarketaftermath

Please share with me your impressions on the album. Comments, critiques and nice words are all welcome!
And please, if you like our music, support us by sharing it with the world!!
Join us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blackmarketaftermath
And Twitter: https://twitter.com/BlackMarketAFT

PS: This is my "daytime" job, when I score music for pictures: http://francescodandreamusic.com/

Thank you all for your attention! Hope you'll like my music!!!
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    pljampljam Posts: 387
    Seriously people,do yourself a big one and give this a listen VERY FCKN GOOD
    The band are offering it as a free download,so I strongly suggest get it,very addictive and diverse album
    A great band
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    HankChinaskiHankChinaski London Posts: 20
    Thank you pljam! We appreciate a lot your support! :)
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    HankChinaskiHankChinaski London Posts: 20
    Just an update to let you all know that we're now on Deezer and Spotify.

    We'll soon be on iTunes....In the meanwhile, you can help a lot by sharing our music to your friends on Spotify and Deezer, and by putting our tracks in playlists curated by you!


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