2-for-1 poster trade (OFF THE TRADING BLOCK)

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I got the Ames Ireland + UK 2006 (http://expressobeans.com/public/detail.php/42172) poster in my mystery tube.


And I got the Soto/Stout Belgium 2012 (http://expressobeans.com/public/detail.php/153428) poster in my scratch-and-dent mystery tube. (It does have some ink peeling in the 'P' in Pearl Jam.)


These prints will not be framed and hung on my walls for the following reasons:
  • I wasn't at any of these shows, so they hold no sentimental value for me.
  • The Ireland + UK poster is not really my personal style, so it holds no aesthetic value for me. (I absolutely love the huge Belgium print, but I'd really like another one to frame together. And see next bullet point.)
  • Most importantly, I'm pretty sure both prints (all three sides) would freak out/scare the kids.
Does anyone like these one and want to work out a 2-for-1 trade?

I'm mainly looking for posters from shows that I've attended that I would frame and hang: Two from shows that I haven't attended that I'd probably frame and hang: Let me know if you have any of these that you'd be willing to trade for the Ireland + UK 2006 Ames and print AND Soto/Stout Belgium 2012. If not, no worries. I'll figure out something good to do with them. I've got a garage now; maybe I could just nail 'em up there rustic style.
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