All My Parts

All My Parts
Movement from heart to pen to heart again
Voice added to quell the guilt of letting painfully unapologetic ego ride for too long
Watching the suffering simpering of gossips affect
Negativity bias has blackened the soul, heart bleeds in deep rebellion
Spilling Observations Mountains into molehills, Mouse’s distant cousins abode
Not sure I live near here anymore, damned sure I am dying here daily
Little deaths, all resurrected again at mornings breaking in habits


  • New Book or Old Movie
    Begin by parking it at the beach that is now an island shallow river to cross and make it to the populated beach… this acid condition every molecular being joined in and now manifesting in frozen numbed finger so here I am smoking, drinking, lying on a rocky road bed with no roll…clarify the butter on my roll so that it is manna…ghee whiz,easily joyously digested
  • Conversion Disorder
    Drunken yoga…moving the fingertips in elliptical hymn possibilities crawls up the throat,
    trout chakra, hooked as I am… battling conversion… disorder of tribes re-enacting the Spanish dancers dilemma and dolour
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