Please Ten Club consider releasing Vault 1 & 2 on VINYL



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    So if they keep it on CD shouldn't the market on Vault 1 become huge and I can trade mine for a Benny? Let's make it official so I can get this trade done like now. I heard it's going to remain a CD. There. Done. Word is bond. Then again, Vault 2 would just be sick. 
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    Curious to why they wouldn’t do this.
    I thought they like taking our money.
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    Better hurry, 10C, I'm running out of stimulus money!
    don't worry, we are just making that shit up like previous with just more reckless abandon.  C19S2 is only a matter of poorly thought out time.
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    Omg, wouldn't that be a bitch.  If they finally did this and I couldn't afford it cause I haven't worked since March?!?
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    RobbyD462 said:
    Curious to why they wouldn’t do this.
    I thought they like taking our money.
    Same reason they don't release Benaroya on Black Vinyl. :angry:

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    aus_suz said:
    RobbyD462 said:
    Curious to why they wouldn’t do this.
    I thought they like taking our money.
    Same reason they don't release Benaroya on Black Vinyl. :angry:

    which is what?

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