Stone Gossard MOONLANDER Softie & Poster (Limited 1/5)

farryfarry Jakarta, IndonesiaPosts: 31
Shipping from Jakarta, Indonesia approx $50 to U.S. (will confirm cost)
Package corresponds with Stone's original Moonlander artwork for track on his album "Moonlander."
Created by Washington state craft maker, Terri Swinhart at Once Upon a Drawing, the Moonlander softies are one-of-a-kind, custom made plush replicas of Stone's original Moonlander artwork.
Limited edition Moonlander art print posters are hand numbered and signed by Stone Gossard.
Approximate Size: 18x35
photo Moonlander-1_zpsq0fegchy.jpg
photo Moonlander-2_zpsx7oqvbgm.jpg
photo Moonlander-3_zpsryymvlmc.jpg
Farry Aprianto
Jakarta, Indonesia
BDO 2014 Melbourne + Sydney



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