12 year anniversary of the House of Blues 04-12-2003 performance

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I miss igotid88
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  • mcgruff10mcgruff10 New JerseyPosts: 23,212
    I was there on the rail in front of mike; thanks for the find! Great great show.
    I'll ride the wave where it takes me......
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    I was there as well. The Who were pretty amazing that night as well.
  • Foriginal SinForiginal Sin Scottsdale, AZ Posts: 1,236
    DB2707 said:

    I was there as well. The Who were pretty amazing that night as well.

    Wow, you must have been a little tipsy. Anyway, I was there as well. If I'm not mistaken these were only available by winning radio station call ins. Thank you brother, for the patience to listen to your local fm station pretty much 24 hours a day and be the right caller!!
    Chicago 6/29/98, Alpine Valley(EV) 6/13/99, Alpine Valley 10/08/00, Chicago 10/09/00, Phoenix 10/20/00, Orlando 4/12/03, Tampa 4/13/03, San Diego 6/05/03, Vegas 6/06/03, Phoenix 6/07/03, Chicago 6/18/03, Alpine Valley 6/21/03, Orlando 10/08/04, D.C. 10/11/04, Chicago 5/16/06, Chicago 5/17/06, LA 7/12/08, Chicago 8/23/09, Chicago 8/24/09, LA 10/07/09, San Diego 10/09/09 (Front Row Center, Finally), Phoenix(EV) 11/4/11, Wrigley 7/19/13, Phoenix 11/19/13, Denver 10/22/14, Wrigley 8/20/16, Wrigley 8/22/16
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