Wherewithal on the eve of IWD

Komodo dragon peacefully at rest
No predator known to you …all's the rest
Grasshopper clan bury me with a can of worms
To dissolve the privilege of the dragons den
Make it quick, lickety split
bruisers will not bare the weight
of their own anal wreckage
correct and deflect, digest in calm
more to be brought daily…don’t despair
the land will provide, the lord be aware
take care of what is given, the flood, the tears, the fuckin HELL
to be paid out in
kindness to kith and kin
deliver us from sin#
Komodo’s scale is all that is made
for one with no predator until he gets laid
Oh agony on me, deep down depression, excessive agony
That’s the way it’s spoused to be
claro que si


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