Seins in the feld

We don’t have this, we have that and the other is some distant dream…
Some have this &that…the other remains elusive…or they have this & the other without that.
That which you fear the most meets you half the way, all the way being that much more gratifying
He & I had this & the other…I was okay for a while…caused me to wander because that was missing
And that became everything…this and the other lost meaning without that
Passionless, this & the other became purely Platonic and left my domain masterless
No bubbling visceral vibrations…a flat tonic, flat line, juiceless existence
Now back to just that
Is that all we’ve got, even though this could be, may be, closing in on the other…without this, this time
I’m gone, gone, long gone
Although that was a lot and I mean a lot of fun…it was all that
This and that can bring on the other, now that is really fun
It’s supposed to be just fun and that’s the truth from the middle
There ain’t gonna be any middle any more, just this? And the other is left without that?
Then this sucks! That is no lie!
That seems like it could be everything to this & the other
This however is good but not like that
Though this may lead to this & that
But with the rarified occurrence of that, this & the other dissipated
Became fractals & led to random patterns that brought on an unknowable other in this small self
So where’s the fun in that?
I say, I say, in this that & the other.


  • justamjustam Posts: 21,304
    edited February 2015
    This took on a life of its own, even without the fun of that. It was the other misc. characters that confused and muddled this, that and the other. Yet, i do agree that without that, this and the other were incomplete!

    The above was well done!
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