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I'm feeling like I have a few songs in me....the unfortunate part is, I can't hear the music. I won't let a little thing like that stop me however. this club is loaded with musicians (some of the best in the world, I'm told). So, if any of you musician members happen along these pages and you like what you read, and you can hear the music for these words; drop me a line. I don't think I could describe how happy it would make me to hear these songs come to life. I'll write, you do the singing and dancing and strumming, rock star!

Man of the Land

Oh its the wide open world
that he makes his home
No love for city streets
Steel and concrete chill the bones

Packets of seeds
Makes the bill fold he needs
Bare foot he sows the seeds with all hope
Love will spring up and help him to cope

Oh he's a Man on the land
He needs to be free
Oh he's a Man of the land
Natures son, can't you see

Building a home, on dirt surveyed to own
pushed to move on, watched by a drone
The power of politics fear all he could be
Example of true freedom, harmonious and tax free.

Yeah, he's a Man on the land
The earth's in his hands
Oh yeah, a Man of the land
Real freedoms last stand

See him, the Man on the land
the earths in his care
common dig in with your hands
Terra given to share.

Sad Man on the land, cast out, all alone.......

Inspired by a series of Better Men, et al.

In Joyous part.

hes off the grid I tip my lid
he has no name but we call him sid
sid as in justice or lack there of
release to the world one white dove.

I remember when, yeah. I swore I knew everything, oh yeah.
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    Poker pro

    A man on a mission, he scans the field
    trolling for fish to bait, hook and reel
    No time for slow play, business is at hand ( the cards are in the air)
    Gonna go all in playa, send the cookies my good man (...cookies, I don't share)

    He's a poker pro, he knows all the rules
    He's a poker pro, plays them all just like fools.

    The ace up his sleeve, a suited cold heart
    Keeps him warm in his seat, like a twelve hour shart....lol or (empathy would rip (bust) him apart)
    A good mind for math, factors the odds
    Through selfish eyes seen, only suckers and slobs

    He's a poker pro, has a feel for the felt
    He's a poker pro baby, marks the cards he;s been dealt

    Pocket Ladies (launch his rocket, baby)
    Rockets baby

    make a play
    raise the stakes
    only way to sell a fake

    Wash the deck
    sleight of hand
    send the cookies, I'm the man!

    Big slick lost his Shtick, now he's sun glassed (shaded) and cloaked
    Hiding fear, chasing draws, rivers down, sunken boat (Bankroll spent,one chip left,river down.....)
    A mope on the strip, No outs left, save but one.
    Push all-in baby, say a prayer, get a gun. (say a prayer under the gun)

    He's a poker pro baby, lost his love what a fool
    found him face (doubled) down and drowned, shity Vegas motel pool.

    ten foot tall and bullet proof.
    chip and a chair
    trips, set, flush, straight, wheel, hi/low, rake, big/small blind, under the gun, last to act, table stakes,

    Big Slick lost his shtick, nothing more than a chip and a chair
    Now the fish circle his remains, they can taste his dispair
    A mope on the strip, no outs left, save but one
    Push all in baby, whispered prayer under the gun.

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    I remember when, yeah. I swore I knew everything, oh yeah.
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    I guess this is going to become my song writing thread Wish I knew how to write music.
    I remember when, yeah. I swore I knew everything, oh yeah.
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    Need a fight
    Golan heights
    take some ground
    relligion found
    Nothing said
    soldiers fed
    Steal some bread
    wind up dead
    Search the web

    I remember when, yeah. I swore I knew everything, oh yeah.
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    I read this a few times and kept hearing a slow winding lead guitar and some bass drums, friggin awesome bro !
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    Godfather. wrote: »
    I read this a few times and kept hearing a slow winding lead guitar and some bass drums, friggin awesome bro !
    Thank you Don Corleopoem.......
    I remember when, yeah. I swore I knew everything, oh yeah.
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    Poker pro, REDUX

    Big Slick's on a mission, shuffles round the field
    trolling tables [in the room] for fish, to bait, hook and reel.
    Slow plays them at first, till the time's right to kill.
    fishies' all in baby , take the cookies, that's his thrill

    He's a Poker pro baby, bends the cards and the rules
    He's a poker pro ladies, plays them all just like fools

    The ace up his sleeve, is a suited cold heart
    Shaded eyes, hooded mind, shinny bling, looks the part
    puts his mind on the math, count of pot, plays the odds
    Through shady eyes seen, baited suckers, loser slobs.

    He's a poker pro baby, likes the feel of the felt.
    He's a Poker pro player, marks the cards he's been dealt.

    Oh, Big Slick's got a fresh set of pocket ladies
    payed in diamonds, gonna launch his rocket tonight, baby

    make the play
    raise the stakes
    only way to sell his fake
    wash the deck
    sleight of hand
    send the cookies, I'm the man!

    Whats this? Big Slick's lost his shtick, see the lump in his throat. (great big lump....)
    Telling fear, chasing draws, river down, sunken boat.
    Lost his soul on the turn, now he's a chip and a chair. (...turn, loner chip and a chair)
    Schooled by fish, tasty dish, frenzied feeding, no one cares.
    Slick's a mope on the strip, no outs left, save but one.
    Slick's (going) all in baby. Whispered prayer under the gun.

    He's a poker pro ladies, lost, no love, what a fool.
    Found Slick face down and drowned. lonely Vegas motel pool.

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    I remember when, yeah. I swore I knew everything, oh yeah.
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    Love it! Wish I knew how to play an instrument.. But I can just barely sing.. Great lyrics though!
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    Vegan Valentine

    To me she is so sugar sweet
    Her love and warmth, i aims to keep
    there is fog ahead, and its trying times
    Sugar sweet turned vegan, and its valentines.

    Back in the day, this was a holiday where I had some play
    She crooned on hand fed Godiva over satin sheets at a hotel stay.
    But now the simpleton I am is feeling some dread
    She's completely re-invented herself; holistic thinking must permiate my head.

    Oh what to get my vegan Valentine
    Chocolate and candy are no longer prime
    Oh what to get my sugar sweet Vegan Valentine.............

    Perhaps a rose still shows I need her so
    or a poem of love will excite my little veggie dove
    To really let her know shes always in my mind
    A talisman of organic charm, is the magic trinket I must find.

    For me she prepares a great big salad
    for her I compose a heart felt ballad
    canola and fructose have made the list of banned
    And anything else thats been prepared or canned.
    and thats ok cause its her I have a hunger for all the time
    and my insatiable appetite is craving for my Vegan Valentine.

    oh baby be my vegan valentine.....

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    I remember when, yeah. I swore I knew everything, oh yeah.
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    So, hows it going....some thoughts on this process.

    Writting songs ain't easy. Especially when the music don't exist. I wonder how this is usually done. When I review what I have written; I don't think of them as complete, more like working ideas. For example "Man of the Land" could be a whole lot better. I feel it could use more earth imagry like mountains, sun, rain, rivers etc. I think that it would make a great song but the music eludes me. Godfather commented on how he could hear a slow winding guitar and some bass drums, wish I could hear them! Poker pro feels like it could be a fun rock song but so hard to know without music. ISIS is a hiccup. Vegan Valentine has potential I believe. It is a contemporary issue of the day and is relative in that regard. The guys I jam with read these songs a few days ago. They are real musicians, who knows.
    A song needs inpriration. From what I can tell, most songs I hear on the radio (Q107 toronto) mostly appear very personal to the composer. I really listen to lyrics more closely than before. In all honesty, some of the hits of the past 50 years were pretty hoaky! It has to be the music that props them up to the top of the charts. The power of the riff! Brian Adams recently played show in TO. The Q has been playing his Reckless LP for the last couple months. Seems to me he kept his themes fairly simple, developed some catchy riffs, and it sold big, in Canada. Eddie Vedder is the greatest rock song writer of his generation....by far!
    So I have been working on learning to play the guitar. Its slow going. Too many responsibilities taking up so much time, but it seems to be coming. Working hard on Stone's Alive lately. I feel if I can really nail the changes and the timing on this song, I'll have taken a next step in ability; otherwise I can rock the club hard with Eddie's Sometimes. I have decided to really grow with my new hobby and see where it takes me. I feel that in as short a time as one year, with work, I actually may be able to create something myself. the nice part will be that I'll have plenty of lyrics to try and find some music for. Having fun and finding out new stuff all the time.

    In joyous part.

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    I remember when, yeah. I swore I knew everything, oh yeah.
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    I remember when, yeah. I swore I knew everything, oh yeah.
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    Its my faaaavorite time of year again.....Tax season. and I'm sure all the wonderful warm fuzzy blokes at the CRA are waiting with baited breath for my 2014 return. Well, its coming tax man....try and control your exuberance. I would like to take the opportunity to re-assert my true feelings for all you kind people at the CRA and bring back a classic, titled

    How to evade the royal tax charade
    a slippery slope, federal ice ca-PAID.
    An annual ritual for the surfs in spring
    Like the flu-shot in fall, its gonna sting

    We have questions about line 10, 11 and 16
    How dare you employ these deductions
    we'll get to the bottom of this
    Like your severed head on our guillotine.

    The cupboards are bare (blood sucking leach)
    be reasonable I plead!

    Reason will cost surf.
    Penalties, fines and interest all the time
    Friends, they conjure their due with a shtick as old as the hills
    Armed with the power of God, in thine parliamentary bills.

    To be clear, I used to be a happy tax paying member of Canadian society. Then Harper took the reins and turned us into something ugly, militaristic and corporate. I don't like him spending my tax dollars on war, oil, intolerance and the rich! GO AWAY!
    I remember when, yeah. I swore I knew everything, oh yeah.
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    I like how you have all your own work in a single thread - that’s nice. Well done.
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    I like how you have all your own work in a single thread - that’s nice. Well done.
    Thanks so much.  I haven't been here much but I'm feeling like a comeback.  There are a couple dozen works here and there in this forum and I do intend on bringing them here.  This last tour was very inspiring.
    I remember when, yeah. I swore I knew everything, oh yeah.
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    Oct 3, 2023
    I Remember you....too

    What does it mean to be acknowledged by someone you've admired, for decades.  An admiration that was really a one way street.  They speak to you, in a way but they don't really know you in any real way.  Then all of a sudden, they really speak to you.  That's the place I'm at right now.
    I was at two shows this past tour.  Both were in Ft. Worth.  On N1 I was in the pit with my good friend and neighbor Rob and on N2, I was with my lovely sister Julia, quite a bit further than 10ft from the stage.  Robert had never...ever been to a rock concert of any sort.  Julia and I had grown apart due to distance, family demands and a touch of sibling rivalry. 
    It was Robert's story that led to our trip from Toronto to FTW to begin with.  The night he told me his little fact was the night PJ announced this little tour.  Then when I read the venues for the shows to him, turns out his old buddy lives in FTW now.  So the wheels of fate conspired to make me put in for those shows, something I wouldn't have done otherwise and so you can guess the rest.  The day after N1 Julia arrived and Rob took off to Vegas afterwards and met up with other friends.  He said he had a much better time in FTW but would never do the pit again....rookie.
    Julia and I had been distant.  I won't go into to details but I will say that I had the conundrum to get over and it was on me to reach out, here's how that happened.  One day she sent me a text....stand by I'll get it...Hey brother 🙏❤️ Gardening and listening to Pearl Jam...makes me feel close to you... this is the text.  I thought, invite her for N2 and let's work on us and be brother and sister again.  Well that is exactly what happened.  We had our heart to heart on a trail walk in FTW a few hours before the show and it was real, it was honest and it became a new beginning for us and I am so glad for it.  The truth does set you free.
    On N1 I was stationed three rows back in the pit Stone side.  Just before Small Town EV shared a story about his sister.  They met for the first time around the age of eighteen.  He wrote her a tune but no lyrics...go figure, the Dylan of our time had no lyrics for her, lol.  Well the recital didn't go as well as he planned and he shared with us all the moral of his story.  Now this story really spoke to me, personally. ( I took over one hour of video that night all posted in FB under Pearl Jam Tour 2023, this speech is there). I was anxious about receiving Julia and working out my feelings with her.  Eds story really gave me spiritual lift for this meeting. 
    You may think this is the acknowledgement I opened this prose with but there is more.  As the night rocked on from Small town to the next song Present Tense about a third of the way through EV was looking right at me and said 'I remember you'. Then he rocked on.  Now I didn't record this song but this line is clearly heard in others recordings of it.  Oh yeah, he was talking to me, sure. 
    Have a look at my little beer cap hat in my avatar.  I wear that family heirloom to concerts, parties, sporting events and anywhere else I want to have a great time...it's an awesome ice breaker.  My dad's mom made that for him when I was born.  I wore it a year ago for front row Mike's side in Toronto.  Also, I wrote an epic for the band after being so inspired by my first pit in Buffalo 2013 with my beautiful wife Evelina.  As I was writing that poem it was my first effort in arts really.  I documented my feelings and process for doing it and it lays here in this forum for all time.  Well nobody followed it much then all of a sudden one morning there was like a thousand views.  Maybe the band noticed.  
    I remember you.
    Well I'll always remember all of you too.
    Sound track of my life.
    I've grown along with you.  From the first show in Barrie 1996 to almost every time you've played TO...et al.  Really appreciate the maturity of the music and the arrangements and the lyrics over the decades.  
    If that moment was between you and I, Ed it meant a lot.  I love how it was personal and just between us amongst the waves of clay.  Everyone loved the props you gave to Amber of NASA that night.  I said hello to her when the lights went up and shared the video I took of you and her and the back and forth you two had...cosmic.
    I remember you...and I'll remember how your sister and mine shared N2 with us in FTW doing the shit we love doing, you and the boys doing the Supersonic start...me, in joyous part.... make me cry.
    I remember you..

    Link to EV and his sister


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    I remember when, yeah. I swore I knew everything, oh yeah.
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    First penned in March 2014.  The night before i wrote the red Seal exam in Carpentry....I instruct at the school I studied at, now.


    How to find the hypotenuse in my mind
    Projections overhanging the second plane of protection
    While the code specifies the minimal overkill mandate
    25.4 millimeters within an inch of your life line
    lays the sill plate 1/3 its width off of pure

    The sacred geometry of the pharos remains constant
    The triangle of 3 has given 4 reason for being next to 5
    where the pi of the big eye sees 360' along radius 57-5/16"
    and the arc strikes itself again and again in masochistic bliss

    Long have I ripped a cut plunged deep it the heartwood
    Fastened together all within my reach with driven steel
    Plumbed jointed jambs hinging the hollow core doors of this time
    butt always wished well the memories of families dry by this roof

    Tomorrow I write the Red Seal exam in Carpentry. Should have done it 15 years ago, but maybe I then become someone else.
    I will take the forward spring of the clocks as a welcome omen for the future. I wonder what to build and for whom? More family homes, always a personal pleasure. Maybe ICI, that's where the money is...reminder to self, always make corporations pay dearly. Or, do I listen to my heart and work for metro housing and help those that need. Nice to dream...wish me luck!
    I remember when, yeah. I swore I knew everything, oh yeah.
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    I remember writing this one out of shame.  I had said some words that I wasn't very proud of and in a state of disbelief.  Did I actually support and believe in these statements; is this who I am and what I stand for.  It was a time for reflection.  Social media has exposed us all to some deep shit, both in our own psychology and that of so many others.  Not every question deserves a reply.  Not every opinion need be said.  I have a new level of temperance in my life bounding my pleasures and personality.  It reminds me to think of a favorite line found within the PJ song "In my Tree"....I remember when, yeah
                                    I swore I knew everything, oh yeah....
    I must always remain humble in the humility of my imperfect humanity.  remaining stoic in my morals and ethics. And always allow for the mistakes on my part and of others.  Never let a single moment of the past steal from my present.  Consider, context and compartmentalize the past.  Live your now, try and shape a brighter tomorrow.   

    June 2015 
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    The Loner and his Leach

    Words run away
    leave me alone for just one day
    bounding and re-bounding like pistons in my head
    I gave you fuel, now I want you dead

    So I swim...in all directions
    as if I could ever get away
    you cling to me like leaches
    stagnant water larva, licking remorseful clay

    What do I do to get back in the pool
    everyone is playing, splashing and laughing in song
    but you squirming little words won't die
    and i can't get over my mouthful of wrong

    just gonna lurk
    like a creep seen on the beach
    junk coated in spandex
    The Loner and his Leach

    Come the day
    a shower of forgiveness washes all away
    I'll bask again in the sunshine
    mindful of how mere words of mine
    can ruin a welcome stay.
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    I remember when, yeah. I swore I knew everything, oh yeah.
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