Y'all should check out THE WHITE BUFFALO (band)

RYMERYME Wisconsin Posts: 1,217
I just found this band. I LOVE IT. Jake Smith (singer song writer) great deep beautiful voice.
Amazing songs. If you like Eddie's Into the Wild stuff you will love this. After hearing 2 songs from this guy a week ago, I went to thewhitebuffalo.com and bought all his cds and a t-shirt. Got the ep PREPARE FOR BLACK & BLUE, and albums, ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST, SHADOWS, GREYS & EVIL WAYS and HOGTIED REVISITED. All really good stuff. The hard part for me since it all arrived in my mail this last week is to decide which one to play.
While checking him out, if any of you do, you should google his version of HIGHWAYMAN & listen to it. Highwayman has always been on my TOP 5 ALL TIME BEST SONGS list. If you choose, have fun with it PJ fans....cheers.


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