building up the hunger on a day of nonchalance

building up the hunger on a day of nonchalance,
so removed... hunger seems to build regardless… that is my lie…
the hunger evaporated when the realization struck
you didn’t want or need me in balance… I believed our relationship would be over
when I took possession of myself even if just for a moment in the day
so I kept myself off balance for fear of losing you entirely, code-pendent… on each other,
out of sync… perfectly smuggled down in each others wounds
trying to… not pick at the scabs
we did a good job of it… mostly
never cutting too deeply
beneath the scar to the point of no repair
maybe… no, definitely we are better for the parting
rumours of glory becoming the full blown acceptance of this all encompassing trip called life
glances turn into longer looks and reflection in the pond
ripples affect…a beating eagles wing… riding the wind
stone ripples… wind ripples…
does the ripple stone
cause the wind and
drive the ripple


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