ISO PJ 98 and 2000 POSTERS

Looking to add to my collection in search of any 98 and 2000 PJ posters.




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    juddboz80juddboz80 Posts: 2,141
    Better get your wallet out if your after the 98 posters! Good luck on your hunt!
    Cant buy what i want cause its free....
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    wecrazybobwecrazybob Posts: 1,027
    I got a few 2000 posters, what are you looking for?
    Toledo, Oh 09-22-96, Chicago, Illinois 06-29-98, Portland, Oregon 07-18-98, Vancouver, British Columbia 07-19-98, Seattle 07-21-98, Seattle 07-22-98, Noblesville, Indiana 08-17-98, East Lansing, Michigan 08-18-98, Barrie, Ontario 08-22-98, Auburn Hills, Michigan 08-23-98, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 08-25-98, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 08-26-98, Camden, Camden, New Jersey 08-28-98 Camden, New Jersey 08-29-98,Knoxville, Tennessee 09-06-98, Columbia, Maryland 09-18-98,Mountain View, California 10-30-99,Mountain View, California 10-31-99, Virginia Beach, Virginia 08-03-00,Charlotte, North Carolina 08-04-00,Greensboro, North Carolina 08-06-00, Atlanta, Georgia 08-07-00,West Palm Beach, Florida 08-09-00,West Palm Beach, Florida 08-10-00,Tampa, Florida 08-12-00,New Orleans, Louisiana 08-14-00,Memphis, Tennessee 08-15-00,Nashville, Tennessee 08-17-00, Noblesville, Indiana 08-18-00,Cincinnati, Ohio 08-20-00,Columbus, Ohio 08-21-00, Wantagh, New York 08-23-00, Wantagh, New York 08-24-00,Wantagh, New York 08-25-00, Saratoga Springs, New York 08-27-00,Mansfield, Massachusetts 08-29-00,Mansfield, Massachusetts 08-30-00,Camden, New Jersey 09-01-00,Camden, New Jersey 09-02-00,Columbia, Maryland 09-04-00,Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 09-05-00,Auburn Hills, Michigan 10-07-00, East Troy, Wisconsin 10-08-00,Chicago, Illinois 10-09-00,Cleveland, Ohio 04-25-03,Columbus, Ohio 06-24-03,Kitchener, ON 09-11-05, London, ON 9-12-05,Hamilton, ON 9-13-05,Cincinnati, Ohio 06-24-06, Chicago, Illinois 7-19-13, Cincinnati, Ohio 10-01-14, St. Louis, Missouri 10-03-14, Memphis, Tennessee 10-14-14,Detroit, Michigan 10-16-14, Moline, Illinois 10-17-14, Columbia SC 4-21-16 , Lexington KY 4-26-16, Philadelphia PA 4-28-16, Philadelphia PA 4-29-16, Boston 8-5-16 , Boston 8-7-16 Chicago 8-20-16, Chicago 8-22-16, Seattle 8-8-18, Seattle 8-10-18, Missoula 8-13-18, Chicago 8-18-18, Chicago 8-20-18, Boston 9-2-18, Boston 9-4-18
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    I have a Portland 1998 poster for sale.
    peace love & pearl jam
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    Hi Guys,

    PM sent
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    I have a Germany 2000 I will part with.
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    badbrainsbadbrains Posts: 10,255
    I got Randall's island but it's got pin holes in it. Pretty good shape but not great.
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