Verses Versus Chorus - A musical endeavour

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Well I said I would share something with the community long ago..

Over the past four years I've been playing in dingy bars in a semi-serious band, 'Yes, Please & Thank You' we had our setbacks as well as our triumphs. Recently we all moved our separate ways (cause life does that to young folk) and I've been recording my most recently written tunes under the name of 'Verses Versus Chorus'. Throughout my experience as a songwriter, one thing has remained true, over the past fifteen or so years writing songs in my bedroom (or nearby) this band has always been inspiring! So thank you for that!

Lately, I've been turning a camera on and sharing this VVC adventure with close friends, or friends who now live far away. Today I thought, maybe since we all share a similar taste in music you guys might like to hear a few.. (see the link at the bottom)

Comments welcomed..

Playlist is sorted from earliest recording to latest, Check it out...
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