Worth the wait!!!!!

I finally have a moment to post about the Tulsa, OK show Oct. 8th!!!
It was AMAZING!! It was my second PJ show but first in GA pit, not that I didn't want to see them before, unfortunately life has a way of taking over!!
I was supposed to see Eddie on his solo tour in 2012, but the April show got rescheduled for Nov. three days before the show my handicapped brother died unexpectedly, I was also 36 weeks pregnant. Fast forward to a year later they were going to be OKC a year to the day that my brother died, I had already had planned to go home to surprise my family that day, it also happened to be My dad and my sisters birthday. So Come to present day I did get to see them this year, but I almost didn't get to because my Grandmother passed away Oct. 4th!
That concert on Oct 8th meant more to me than anyone could ever know!!! Pearl Jam has gotten me through so many things in my life and being there and being so close to the stage was so amazing! No amount of drugs or alcohol could have given me the high I had that night and I'm grateful that I finally got to be a part of it. It was exactly what I needed to help me see the good again!!
I hope I can see them again very soon with out any more bumps in the road!!
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