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10 Year Anniversary - Milwaukee

My wife, Yola, and I are having our 10 year wedding anniversary on 10/16/14 and recently found out that we are pregnant with our 3rd child. We have seen dozens of PJ shows together. This year we will be celebrating in Milwaukee with our favorite Band!
We always planned to go to Hawaii to celebrate 10 year wedding anniversary and had always hoped that by some amazing coincidence that PJ would be touring in Hawaii near or around this time.
We got super excited when PJ announced this Fall's tour. However, when no Hawaii date was set my wife, who shares my passion for PJ, said to me that we can go to Hawaii some other time, and that we should go to Milwaukee for a very special evening with PJ.
I am thankful for this amazing women ... my amazing kids ... and this amazing band!!!

Forever Faithful,



  • andrew68andrew68 TorontoPosts: 1,432
    nice way to celebrate...congrats !
    He was okay,... but wondering... about wandering
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