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Looking for Denver GA Pair: Have 4 Denver Section 116/R13

Local looking for pair of Denver GA seats to join my Brother. Huge miss on my part to miss member drawing!<( Have 4 solid seats down low Section 116/R13, will part with some or all.


  • MsMeisMsMeis Posts: 5
    I can't help but notice you have four tickets for decent seats... I have been searching high and low for reasonably priced tickets on that level and it is HARD to find four together. Did you find GA tickets? I only have cash to offer if you are interested.
  • If you've still got those seats for sale, I'm interested.
  • So, I am only looking to trade up. No GA tickets so far:( Good luck!
  • M RizzoM Rizzo Posts: 23
    I have two in 340 / row 8 / seat 1 & 2 - $80 apiece
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  • That would be 'down' grade. I am only looking for GA tickets. Thanks!
  • MsMeisMsMeis Posts: 5
    I'm still looking for you!
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