My White Whale...

Steadyd84Steadyd84 Brattleboro, VT Posts: 44
Hey all,

On the verge on attending my 3rd & 4th shows this weekend and next at this years ACL Festival, I'm starting my search once again.

My first show was San Antonio, Texas 04-05-2003 on the Riot Act tour. My brother, who bought me 'Ten' on cassette tape for my 8th birthday in 1992, took me and it was unbelievable. I went from loving them and using them as a musical inspiration, to being transformed and understanding what it was really all about.

The Ames Bros poster for that night (gorilla in a cowboy hat, also used for Houston show @ Woolands) has long been unattainable for me. It seems every time I go to find it, it's gone. If anyone has one that they'd be willing to sell, I'd be incredibly appreciative.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you're enjoying your all encompassing trip,

San Antonio, Texas 04-05-2003
San Antonio, Texas 11-16-2012 (EV)
Dallas, Texas 11-15-2013
Austin, Texas 10-05-2014
Austin, Texas 10-12-2014
Chicago, Illinois 08-20-2016
Chicago, Illinois 08-22-2016
Seattle, Washington 08-08-2018
Seattle, Washington 08-10-2018
Nashville, Tennessee 09-16-2022 
Sacramento, California 05-13-2024


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