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FS: Posters - Italy 2006, Munich + Katowice 2007

prlprl Posts: 117
Hello everyone

Hey everyone, I'm selling these posters from 2006/2007. Prices
- Italy 2006: 35€ + shipping
- Munich and Katowice 2007: 40€ + shipping each (I prefer selling these two together)

I already have someone interested in the Katowice poster, but since I prefer selling that together with the poster from Munich (those two look really good together and I prefer not being left with just one of them) if someone wants that particular one, they must buy the Katowice + Munich bundle. Otherwise it will go to the person who already said wants it.

If you want any more details PM me! Thanks.


  • prlprl Posts: 117
    edited September 2014
    All posters sold! Thanks for your attention everyone.
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