It's the season

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Song of the season, and song of the time
is it even possible to know what time it is?!

better to charge on now,
in some kind of blind drive…
Just step on the pedal!!

To love, to do, to move into some tomorrow without hesitation
living with a passion for something that interests you
(without analyzing it!)

Yes, there are songs of a season
loved and held, loved and stood by,
loved and hoped for!

and where is tomorrow and today?
can we live in today and let it go at that?!
leave tomorrow for some other person, on some forgotten day?

oh make some string bounce, and enjoy that
today, sing some string sound and perhaps that’ll be enough?

I wonder, will it be enough?
it could be a fiddle, it could be blue or green in a grass field
just some kind of vibrant viol wave?!
green grass air wave?
blow it over.

there’s a song there, somewhere
I can hear it!


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