Pearl Jam Fan Portraits

Pearl Jam Fan Portraits is a black and white portrait collection of dedicated Pearl Jam fans with lyrics that mean the most to them.

brought to you by the fans, for the fans.

As a long-time fan of this band, I’ve always wanted to give something back to the Pearl Jam community. This project brings Pearl Jam fans together through the creativeness of photography. We take photos of fans with their favorite lyrics to create a personalized portrait collection of the Pearl Jam community.

It’s been inspiring to hear fans’ stories of how Pearl Jam’s music and lyrics have influenced and helped them through the good and the bad. I'm glad to be able to capture this meaningfulness and connection to the lyrics through photography.

We will be at multiples shows on the Fall 2014 Pearl Jam tour! We are excited to be a part of many of the Wishlist Foundation Pre-Parties, and can’t wait to take YOUR portrait!

Pearl Jam Fan Portraits will be at the following shows this tour:
Cincy (Hopefully!)
Austin City Limits Festival (Weekend TWO only)
St. Paul

How does it work?
To make each portrait personalized, you write down your favorite lyrics (see the website for examples). We provide the paper and markers, but feel free to get creative and bring something with you!

To learn more about the project, go to http://pearljamfanportraits.com (currently revamping our website) AND like our Facebook page to get updates: http://www.facebook.com/PearlJamFanPortraits

We're also on twitter @ pjfanportraits and instagram @ pearljamfanportraits

Huge thanks to Wishlist Foundation for letting us be a part of their pre-party events. To find out location and times for each Wishlist Pre-Party, go here: https://www.facebook.com/wishlistfoundation/events

See you at the shows! Keep on rocking in the free world! Best fans in the world.



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    bump! :)

    We're definitely adding Cincy! Can't not go to the first show on the tour!
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