Owed to Ozzie

I’m pissed… off…like the foul weather that is consuming my brain, drain, drain, drain,
G-d-damned sink-hole greased up with Cheeky Monkey’s offal
Cloudy clearly not,
Just the leavings of an oaken cask et tui makes three, e, no
Just one, the second time around the d-g legs a terrible trick
Fiddling around, the bend is now straightened into rigor – mortis all
Vigor gone, 2 weaks of internal bleeding has to come out somehow, the handiest whole
Callous newly formed at the digging of his grave
Ah but its...
An old one not gone 2, 3 years and layered one atop the other
Handsome Prince Ozzie that brought my Lazy Lady Isis her bone, fully neutered the pair
Made motion to noble kindness
Of a dog found in his mature nature to bring a value to joy
To the Bashful Bitch, blankets & pillows, water bowls abound
Both played bed snake upon awakening in the mourning
Encouraged some days to play and mostly left
To a quiet morning of tea & ablutions, face in the grass, rolling in the moss
Freshly dew scented upon grooming of the most incredible white self-cleaning d-g
Seeking comfort without shame
Grumpy leavings when human would claim the throne
Alas it was your undoing, the lack of human throne, you ate the offal,
The thrill of the bitter pill that was nary digested sent you on a trip I never imagined
No medical intervention did I seek, the cost too high to bear
A recreation of the inoculation that led to Isis’s death
Never will know always
Shall doubt my own hand in the matter of suffering
Two weeks to the day you say Thank You for release
I’ll be on my merry way
So cruel the short times, the long good-byes
You were always going to be here manifest
It was I who was only here once in a while.

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